My Heart’s Concoctions

Very Very Very busy week – I was lucky if I made it home before 9pm and several nights I didn’t. I am SO lucky and count my blessings every day that I have my Heart in my life. He made me delicious dinners, no matter when I came home!


I love how often he makes us eggs – I Love Eggs! He found this recipe on a website for “Gluten-free Tuesday” – BLT Waffle: gluten-free waffles, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, and he added eggs. The eggs were stunning – he separated the whites from the yolks and marinated the whites for a couple hours with garlic and chopped fresh basil. Next he put the whites in a small skillet and started to cook them and then laid the yolks on top – when they were all the right texture he lifted the yolks onto the waffle and then topped it with the rest of the ingredients ending with the egg whites. Absolutely delicious!


A twist on the British Fry-up: Vegetarian baked beans with a bit of sriracha sauce added for some heat, corn tortilla strips baked crisp (in place of fries), brie wrapped in bacon and baked, eggs over-easy. YUM!!!

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