Mushroom & Sausage Pasta


I Promise to get back to the Menus but between our trip to England (and trying to get those pictures & stories Up)… HealthCampDC… general busy weeks And surgery on my wrist – Not a lot of cooking / menus / or anything. I am very lucky my Heart is a patient man.. he’s been a dear taking care of me – even helping me wash my hair!


The dressing comes off tomorrow night… I am SO excited – I don’t know how much mobility I will have right away but certainly more than the past few days – ICK.

BUT… I had to share this recipe. This is the first recipe we are doing from one of the good magazines we picked up in England. I really Love this magazine and wish that I could get it here in the states.


This was totally a joint project! Started with 1/2 lb of ground sausage, browned and drained and set aside.


Next 4 strips of bacon, chopped, and chopped mushrooms (white, cremini, & fresh shiitaki and probably more than the recipe called for but we like mushrooms) in the pan that the sausage was cooked… & browned. Then the sausage was returned to the pan.


The Sauce: 2 egg yolks, sour cream w/ some melted butter (we couldn’t find creme fraiche so we “faked it”), fresh grated parmesan, and chopped Italian parsley


Over a low heat, the meat mixture was mixed with the sauce mixture and then the cooked rice pasta was added – topped with more parmesan and parsley. It served up almost like the picture and was absolutely Delicious…. definitely something we will make again – YUM!

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