Mexican Breakfast “Ramen”


So I sent my Heart off to the kitchen to make us more tea (yes… we Are in bed and it is blustery and very cold out so where else would we be?!) and This is what he ultimately came back with… oh.. And cups of tea!


Left over chicken breast from the fridge was dry “fried” to “heat it up and “toast” it a bit”


Soup: chicken broth & water, hot pico de gallo (fresh salsa with extra jalape??os), diced green chills (canned), chopped green onions, rice noodles (which is why this is technically not ramen), chopped cooked bacon (which I keep spare in the freezer for things like this), and a hearty squirt or three of sriracha sauce.


Two raw eggs dropped into the bubbling broth until the whites were “all white” but the yolks were still wonderfully runny (he has no idea how long but they were perfect)


Plated: An absolutely delicious, hot and spicy bowl of soup – perfect for a very cold day. He was wishing he had added shredded cheese to the top. I have to send him into the kitchen for tea more often!

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