Menu 9 – Week of Feb. 27, 2011

Sunday Roast – The Chinese “Feast” turned out quite well – I definitely held my own against the local Chinese take-away restaurant and my Heart’s dessert: a peach cobbler, was delicious!


Fish Monday – Swordfish was on the menu but was only available frozen so I went with Tuna with a Blush sauce.  It was ok but not what I was hoping for.  We’ll definitely work on that recipe.

Tuesday we headed down to American University for an Evening of Social Medial Learning – it was a wonderful event. We went ahead and ate in the cafeteria at American, since I work at a University we’ll call it research.  We ate at the Mexican station – a huge plate of nachos & a chicken quesadilla.  Not amazing food but filling and really cheap at $15 including two drinks.  


Wednesday is the Chef’s Fare in the Marketplace at the University – It wasn’t as good as previous years.  The theme was School Spirit so they were doing “stadium” type foods but the Oyster & Shrimp Po’boys that one of the schools did was delicious.  Stevenson did a bratwurst & red cabbage dish and had what appeared to be REAL eclairs – YUM!  Stevenson also showed some school spirit with an ice carving – the “S” is in the shape of our mascot – the Mustang!


Thursday – Once again, I did NOT make the chicken casserole.  It had been a long day – I needed to go by Best Buy to get a cover for my new work “phone” – an EVO … so off to Buffalo Wild Wings for us.  I really do Love wings – I’m lucky my Heart is ok with that!

Friday started out very wet and rainy but cleared up so we could take the girls skiing.  It was tons of fun.  We ended the evening in McKee’s Tavern at Liberty Mountain for some beers & ciders (except for Shannon, who isn’t old enough to drink) and tales of falls and successes and lots of laughter!




And… don’t worry – Angela was fine after introducing herself to a tree.  Fortunately she wasn’t going very fast!

Menu 9 – Week of Feb. 27, 2011

Sunday Roast – My Heart has been suffering with a vicious cold for about a week and we had to run to the Apple store in the morning to take his laptop in.  I thought, as spring is looming with much warmer weather in the forecast for this week, that one last batch of Clam Chowder was in order.  For dessert: my Heart made a lovely lemon & blackberry pudding

Monday – Tilapia Piccata with rice & spinach – after the semi-disappointing tuna last week, I wanted something that I knew I could do and tilapia was on sale and so was spinach.

Tuesday – STILL hoping to make that chicken casserole – We’ll see if it happens!

Wednesday – I have my usual late meeting with the Senior Council so my Heart gets dinner duty.  His plan is Nachos.

Thursday – Asian pork with broccoli – this was on the menu a couple weeks ago and didn’t happen.  The broccoli looked good and we still have pork in the freezer so back on the menu.

Friday – I like having a hearty dinner after my Heart has spent several hours on the slopes… I had thought about beef stew or a beef curry but with having Asian on Thursday night and stew just a couple weeks ago… I decided on Beef stroganoff.

Saturday – My Heart is skiing and I’m at the Shopping Extravaganza – I have a feeling we’ll either have Chinese or wings Saturday night!

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