Menu 8 – Week of Feb. 20, 2011

Menu 7 – Week of Feb. 13, 2011 – Recap & Notes


Sunday Roast: Pork Tenderloin with a peanut & mustard coating – roasted vegetables – Irish coffee mousse turned into coffee & creme mousse.  My Heart out did himself on this wonderful Sunday Roast.


Monday: Valentine’s Day dinner at Boordy Vineyards: Romance after Dark – Fondue, Merlot & Port and Live Jazz – a great romantic evening.


Tuesday: Chicken casserole with mashed potatoes was the plan but this was one of Those Weeks… didn’t get home until after 7pm and it wasn’t a good day so off we went for sushi at our favorite sushi restaurant – Yuki Sushi – our favorite, chirashi & saki were absolutely necessary for tonight.


Wednesday: I have my usual 8pm meeting so my Heart made this great dinner: mushroom risotto with a salmon cake & egg – delicious and perfect after a very very long day!
Thursday: Asian pork with broccoli on rice was on the menu but, just like the rest of my week – LONG day – once my Heart got home from skiing, we headed off to Don Pablos for my Heart’s favorite – Mexican and margaritas!


Friday: Fortunately I only had a little bit of a plan for Friday and since, again, I didn’t get home until after 7pm – Right as I drove into our parking space, my Heart texted that he was heading home from teaching skiing so I knew I wouldn’t have time to cook a proper dinner… takeout Chinese won out.  Not the healthiest thing but very satisfying.


A rough week can be hell on a menu but you have to be flexible and know that you’ll get to those menu items during later weeks.


Menu 8 – Week of Feb. 20, 2011


Sunday Roast – my son had a craving for Mabo Tofu, one of my favorite dishes – so I decided to do a little bit of a Chinese feast: ginger beef and chicken with asparagus and rice.  Dessert – whatever my Heart comes up with


Fish Monday – swordfish is on sale so I’m thinking blush pasta with swordfish and how I’m going to cook it all will evolve as I get closer.


Tuesday we are heading down to American University for an Evening of Social Medial Learning so we’ll be eating out.


Wednesday is the Chef’s Fare in the Marketplace at the University – this is a great event.  Chefs from other institutions come and cook and the diners get to sample all the different dishes and then vote on the winner.  The food is always amazing – the theme this year is School Spirit.  It sounds like fun!


Thursday I’m hoping to actually finally make the chicken casserole that was on the menu for last week.


Friday we are taking the girls (my daughter and my son’s girlfriend) up skiing for the first time so we’ll have dinner at Liberty, probably, after skiing.

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