Menu 7 – Week of Feb, 13, 2011

Last Week – Menu 6 – Week of Feb. 6, 2011 – Recap & notes
Super Bowl Sunday Roast: …was Amazing – the pizzas were delicious and we had a great time – Congratulations to the Packers!
Without question – one of my favorite pictures from any Sunday Roast – fighting over the first piece of bacon/brie/apple pizza!
Monday: Mexican Tilapia – talk about a no-brainer.  Browned the tilapia in a little olive oil – covered it with some jarred salsa and simmered until the fish was flakey – served on top of long grain white rice.  Not complicated but damned yummy!  I didn’t get home from work until after 7pm – this meal was perfect: quick & simple!  This made two good servings and one package for lunch.


Tuesday: Again – had a meeting until 7pm.  I found these rolled steaks in Target and figured “what the heck”.  They were good and the Alfredo pasta with broccoli was a great side – used 1/2 a jar of sauce leftover from the mushroom Alfredo pizza on Sunday.  The meat took 25 minutes too cook… just enough time to boil water, steam the broccoli, etc. etc.  There was no steak left but a container of pasta & broccoli I could eat for lunch


Wednesday: My stomach was out of sorts, in fact I took the afternoon off at work and came home.  I needed to go back for my 8pm so my Heart made dinner.  This souffle omelet was scrumptious.
Thursday: I was still sick on Thursday so I stayed home from work and ended up not going down to DC with my Heart. Plain rice and some eggs for me – nothing exciting.  My Heart had a couple quesadillas when he got home.
Friday: Stew didn’t turnout quite as good as last time – I think it had something to do with the wine. I used fresh potatoes, baby onions, and carrots this time though, which was better!  Definitely a good comfort food for my Heart after an afternoon & evening teaching skiing.


Menu 7 – Week of Feb. 13, 2011
Sunday Roast: Pork Tenderloin (on sale) with a peanut & mustard coating – roasted vegetables – Irish coffee mousse.  Totally my Heart’s concoctions!
Monday: Valentine’s Day – out for a romantic dinner at Boordy Vineyards: Romance after Dark – Hopefully I’ll remember to take pictures!
Tuesday: Chicken casserole with mashed potatoes.  This is a packet mix I bought a while ago – we’ll see how it goes. Chicken thighs were on sale – this seemed like a good match.
Wednesday: I have my usual 8pm meeting so my Heart is making eggs & “chips”
Thursday: Asian pork with broccoli on rice.  I have some pork tenderloin in the freezer and broccoli was on sale.  I really like this dish.
Friday: Currently my thought is for creamed chicken & biscuits but I am planning to pick up ingredients that day (I like doing this with a fresh roasted chicken) so the ideas might change.

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