Menu 37 (Sept 23-29) / Menu 38 (Sept 30-Oct 6)

Much like the last blog post – this one includes a trip.  This time we were in Maine for a few days visiting my Heart’s sister & husband – they come to the U.S. every other year and rent a beautiful cabin in Maine for two weeks and they always  generously invited us up for a few days – it is a wonderful getaway: great food (the above picture is a lobster appetizer at The Slipway restaurant in Thomaston, ME) & drink, gorgeous scenery, and truly wonderful company! But first…

Sunday, Sept 23 found us returning from Kansas City, KS – My Heart had some pretty delicious BBQ pork tacos in the airport.


Monday, Sept 24 – We needed groceries (especially since we hadn’t been basically “home” for two weeks) so we grabbed a bite at Chilis then headed to the store.

Tuesday, Sept 25 – we went to a University volleyball game (Volleyball is really pretty exciting, if you’ve never experienced a match) and so we just stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.

Wednesday, Sept 26 was actually a holiday at the University, we were closed for Yom Kippur.  My Heart had a work dinner to attend so I did dinner with the kids… no clue what we actually did but probably Chinese.


Thursday, Sept 27 – another “taco” experiment.  This time Sloppy Jose (yes, I spelled that right!) Tacos with ground beef, salsa, cheese.  These were surprisingly good and satisfying.


Friday, Sept 28 – We headed to the Artful Gourmet Bistro (We hadn’t been in a while).  My Heart had the “Rembrandt”: blackened salmon, bacon, lettuce, tomato on focaccia bread with a pesto may.  I had the Maryland Crab soup and a traditional margarita flat bread pizza with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil… a very nice combination.

Saturday, Sept 29 – We were off to a friend’s birthday party!


Sunday Roast, Sept 30 – I really love the simplicity of this dish: Roasted salmon with potatoes, bacon and peas and dessert: My Heart’s cookies and cream dessert – always a huge hit


Fish Monday, Oct 1 – Super simple “crab” tacos – lightly browned imitation crab in a bit of olive oil. Marinated some cole slaw cabbage mix with jarred taco sauce (medium heat) for 24 hours.  Served up on toasted corn tortillas, the combinations of texture (soft crab with crunchy cabbage) and flavors (the cabbage had great “heat” but didn’t overpower the crab) made for kudos from my Heart and definitely a do-again dinner!

Tuesday, Oct 2 – No clue what we ended up doing

Wednesday, Oct 3 – my Heart was up in Connecticut for meetings and I had a late meeting at work.. it is highly likely I just had ramen for dinner once I got home.


 Thursday, Oct 4 – I flew up to Boson to meet my Heart and we drove to Maine.  Our first stop was this adorable diner: The Roundabout Diner in Portsmouth NH. My Heart had the Irish “Nachos” with a side of BBQ pork (which the waitress said they were known for) and I had the “Muddy Pie” which is like shepherd’s pie but NOT because it is BBQ pork topped with mash potatoes combined with corn and colby jack cheese.  Wow.. what a meal !  The waitress was great and the food outstanding – we will definitely stop there again.


 Friday, Oct 5 – I don’t know what you have for breakfast on vacation but cannoli was definitely on our menu.  My Heart stopped at Mike’s Pastry in Boston before he picked me up at the airport (my flight was very late) so we could share these with his sister and her husband. They were breakfast AND dessert after dinner for several days.



Our first real meal had to be a lobster roll (and this time a crab roll) from our favorite place: Larson’s Lunchbox. Generally people think that Red’s is the place to go in the area but we will swear by Larson’s!  The other reason we HAD to have a lobster roll?  My goal for vacation – Lobster Every Single Day!  The Crab roll was a nice change though – we shared both.  Oh, and fried zucchini – HEY.. it is a Veg!


 We stopped for a snack at the River Grill in Damariscotta – Potato pancakes topped with smoked salmon & chive sour cream and a beer for my Heart and cider for me, really hit the spot.  Dinner – steamed lobsters, of course! (I can’t remember where)


 Saturday, Oct 6 – we watched the Pumpkin Parade (we always seem to be in town for the annual Pumpkin Festival) from King Eider’s Pub and nibbled on some delicious fresh oysters then mussels in a creamy garlic wine broth and finished up with a Bailey’s Irish Car Bomb cupcake. Guinness chocolate cupcake with a melty fudge center and topped with Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting.


 These are some pretty impressive pumpkins!  And I LOVE Maine in the fall – just gorgeous!


 Dinner was a new place – The Slipway restaurant in Thomaston, Maine (the lobster appetizer photo at the top of the page is how we started dinner).  I don’t usually go for fried seafood but the combination plate was really scrumptious.  My Heart had an oyster po’boy, which was delicious, and he helped me tackle all the lovely morsels on my plate as well.


 And no trip up this way would be complete without pie from Moody’s Diner – Check out the Meringue on that Lemon Meringue pie!


 Sunday, Oct. 7 – We headed back into Damariscotta for brunch at Crissy’s Breakfast & Coffee Bar. My Heart had quite a feast with his Huevos Rancheros and my rice bowl breakfast was exactly my type of breakfast with slightly Asian seasoning, lots of vegetables and rice and topped with fried eggs. YUM


Of course, what did I have for dinner at the airport before we flew out?  How about another lobster roll?  Lobster.Every.Single.Say – CHECK!

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