Menu 35 (Sept 9-15) / Menu 36 (Sept 16-23)

So I am still trying to catch up but this blog is a good example of why I am behind. The start of the blog has us in Boston (photo above is breakfast at the Friendly Toast) and the end is in Kansas City. We’ve had some crazy crazy weeks filled with fun and lots of great food!

Sunday Roast, September 9 – BBQ Ribs, baked potatoes, Cucumber, Tomato, onion, feta salad – Dessert: Orange chocolate pudding with a chocolate ganache “cap”.. didn’t turn out Quite as my Heart hoped but delicious.. I am sure it will be refined.


Fish Monday, Sept 10 – Grilled shrimp tacos – lately everything has ended up in a taco but my Heart is ok with it and.. I sorta Love it!

Tuesday, Sept 11 – absolutely no clue what we did for dinner which frequently means we ate out at Buffalo Wild Wings or Don Pablos

Wednesday, Sept 12 (I have a meeting that gets out at 9pm most every Wednesday & my Heart is a dear and makes dinner) – I LOVE Pizza nights!  Leftover pork, brie, cheddar, spinach – YUM!


 Thursday, Sept 13 found us in Boston, MA for HealthCampBoston – First stop was breakfast at The Friendly Toast. Ok, so I have dreams about my breakfast: “Mexican Mashed Meal” with spicy mashed potatoes topped with chorizo & 2 fried eggs and served with their own chipotle sauce. The chipotle sauce alone was to die for.


 Friday, Sept 14 – HealthCampBoston was a great event – we couldn’t do it without our sponsors.  The caterer we found did a wonderful job with lots of options and healthy choices on a pretty good budget!


 The Walking Gallery was definitely represented and we did have time for a little after-party celebration



 Saturday, Sept 15 – We decided to make a weekend of it and spent some time wandering Boston.  We stumbled across this hole-in-the-wall dim sum restaurant (Windsor Dim Sum Cafe) that was tiny (and so small that they would ask you to share your table with others!).  It was cheap and YUM.. I haven’t had dim sum in forever and this was a fairly new experience for my Heart.  A perfect choice!


 We wandered around downtown and definitely couldn’t leave without trying some clam chowda – the weather was amazing, perfect for exploring



 Dinner included some delicious oysters… although I think I prefer Chesapeake Bay oysters


 Sunday, Sept 16 – lunch was Shabuzen, a shabu shabu restaurant.  You could pick your broth flavor – I did Kim Chee and my Heart did seafood.  It was a ton of food (not excessively expensive) and really fun.



We went on a wander to the Northside and kept passing people with boxes from Mike’s Pastery – we had to go check it out and found a huge line heading right OUT of the building.  Totally can understand why – delicious fresh made cannoli – WOW!


 Before leaving, I HAD to have fried clam strips.. even if it was at the airport.  They were delicious and my Heart’s Oyster Po’Boy was equally yummy.  I Love Boston – it was a great visit !

The rest of the week: Sept 17 – 20 was crazy including my Heart heading to Texas for two days and me working late both days. Wednesday was an SGA TownHall so that means a late dinner (Buffalo Wild Wings).  Then the President’s Donor Dinner on Thursday, Sept 20 (nothing special to take pictures of).


 Friday, Sept 21 found us jetting to Kansas City, KS for the Partnership for Patients Summit and HealthCampKC (Sept 22 & 23) – The food was catered but it was pretty good.  One high point was the BBQ pork potato skins in the bar of the hotel. Delicious and something we will make at home!



 Saturday, Sept 22 and Sunday, Sept 23 – we were in sessions from early morning until evening so we did basically no exploring of Kansas City but the days were filled with great people and great conversations.  One really cool moment was Dave Cornthwaite stepping out of the river to talk to us about his journey for Breast Cancer awareness.


Airport food – Tamales weren’t bad.. the rice was pretty awful though.  And THAT is why I am so far behind… lots and lots of weeks like these!

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