Menu 33 (Aug 26-Sept 1) / Menu 34 (Sept 2-8)


Still working on Catching up.  I feel like such a slacker until I look at the food and the calendar and realize just how busy we have been.  Something has to give… and I have to sleep sometime!


Sunday Roast, August 26 – Celebrating my daughter’s 26th birthday.  Lunch was at Honey Pig restaurant in Ellicott City. After such a big (and delicious) lunch – we decided to have “nibbles” (cheese, fruit, and salami) for “Sunday Roast”.


My Heart’s delicious dessert – Russian “mallomars” with a raspberry yogurt fluff almost like whoopee pies


Monday, August 27 – my Heart had a dinner meeting in Silver Springs – my plan was for Mabo Tofu but the pork sausage had expired so Meat-free Mabo Tofu – I made it extra broth-y, more like soup. Fairly satisfying but I definitely prefer it with a bit of pork.


Tuesday, August 28 – After my late meeting, my Heart created some great pizzas – the one on the left: salami & cheese, and on the right: salami with brie & leftover artichoke spread – both pizzas really hit the spot – I Love Pizza Night!


My Heart needed to make a dessert to share for a meeting. These were amazing – Amaretti cookies draped in a chocolate ganache topped with raspberries stuffed with chocolate coffee beans. Raspberry BonBons with a kick. I can’t believe I didn’t get a photo of all of them.. once they had “dried” we put them in little paper cups and put them into the fridge over night. They held together quite well.

Wednesday, August 29 – We went out to Buffalo Wild Wings with a friend who was having a rough time and needed to get out. (no pics)

Thursday, August 30 – I’ve taken to making “everything” into a Taco.  I wanted a hot sausage sandwich but, of course, I can’t so – Italian Sausage “hoagie” Tacos: Crumbled, cooked hot Italian sausage, sautéed green & red peppers and onions topped with shredded mozzarella on toasted corn tortillas. Next time I might add a little tomato sauce.
Friday, August 31 – Dinner at Artful Gourmet Bistro starting with crab wontons then my Heart & I split two sandwiches (I can splurge every now and again.. especially if I have been particularly “good” for a while) – 1/2 a Philly Cheese Steak and 1/2 a club with french fries – Yum and quite a treat!


Saturday, September 1 – Mustang Football and, look – you CAN “tailgate” with a Mini Cooper.  Some nice wine and nibbles .. perfect.  Unfortunately it absolutely poured when it was time for the game.  There was a 45-minute rain delay .. we ended up heading back to the Artful Gourmet for drinks and dinner.



Sunday, September 2 – Breakfast quesadillas with scrambled eggs, mushrooms, green peppers, and a sprinkling of bacon and lots of shredded cheese.  Really hit the spot.


The kids were at their Dad’s on Sunday so we went out to dinner to a local seafood restaurant: CJ’s Restaurant. It’s not much to look at but the food is good and I wanted one more dinner of blue crabs before the fall. The crabs were delicious and the steamed shrimp were nice sized.


Monday, September 3 – A holiday so we celebrated my daughter’s birthday. One of her favorite dinners: Chicken Emmental served with wild rice and roasted asparagus


Dessert – simple refrigerator cheese cake with a ginger snap / chocolate base and topped with melted lemon curd and lemon zest



Tuesday, September 4 – Late meeting night (get out of work around 8pm) – ended up at Don Pablos for All You Care to Eat Tacos – YUM!


Wednesday, September 5 – Late meeting night (get out of work around 9pm) – LOVE when my Heart makes nachos for dinner.


Thursday, September 6 – Super Simple chicken tacos. By Thursdays I am exhausted, for some reason, so I don’t plan very complicated dinners.

Friday, September 7 – Out: Back to Don Pablos

Saturday, September 8 – A little birthday shopping with my daughter with a stop for lunch at DuClaw Brewing Company including a beer sampling and a very nice meal


.. Then off to a Barn Dance – this was a Very NICE Barn Dance and my Heart was enjoying the company.

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