Menu 31 – Aug 5 – Aug 11

Good thing I tried to catch up last month, with the craziness of the last four weeks including the opening of the Residence Halls, the opening of the Academic Year, and Welcome Week – yeah.. not a lot of posting going on.  So back to catch up time!


Sunday Roast: August 5 – Cajun Chicken Burgers (photo above) were delicious. The chicken breasts were definitely larger than the original recipe so the cooking time had to be adjusted accordingly but everyone really liked them.  For dessert – my Heart had a craving for Trifle with no arguments from the family – YUM!
Monday, August 6 – Super Simple Shrimp Tacos – I followed the original recipe for the sauce but pretty much fiddled with the rest but these were Super Simple and also quick so we will have them again.  They might make a good Sunday Roast sometime with the option for chicken tacos too.
Tuesday, August 7 – I have absolutely no idea what we did for dinner??? I know we ate but other than that – no clue!


Wednesday, August 8 – The plan was for a Chicken Risotto but life is getting pretty stressful at work and when that happens I not only don’t want to have to “think” about what I’m cooking (and I am really intimidated by Risotto, thanks to Chef Gordon Ramsey who is not helping that fear in the Least… anyway)… I also want comfort foods when I’m stressed.  This dinner was a variation on my traditional Oyako Domburi because it had a whole lot of mushrooms and also some pea pods.  Used store-made roasted chicken breast, because that’s what the risotto called for, added those chunks at the very end to just heat them up and finally the four beaten eggs.  This turned out great and was incredibly satisfying.


Thursday, August 9 – KnotFriends Happy Hour – it was great to have a break from all the work at work and get out of the office at a fairly decent time to get downtown for this fun event.  The premise is that you can “trade” ties that you no longer want for ties you DO want.  The event was at The Waterfront Hotel in Fells Point (Baltimore), a quaint little pub that we had never been to.. Love the WTF initials for “Waterfront” !  Guests at the Happy Hour were invited to bring a tie to trade and you can see.. my Heart has NO shortage of ties.


There was also a contest for most “unusual” or “outrageous” tie.  A dear friend of ours, who lives in NYC, knows my Heart’s love of unusual ties and bought him this Winner as a gift a couple years ago – Yup – Condoms and Male Enhancement paraphernalia.  And he WON – well, sort of.. there was an older gentleman in the group who was very popular (one of the KnotFriend’s DADs) but he Insisted that my Heart’s tie really was the Best (a very nice guy!) and I couldn’t agree more!  Oh… and the best thing about this tie is that it is so subtle you could totally wear it to work and no one would know!
And that would be my Heart showing his tie to a bevy of very interested young women!  Love It !  Oh, and yes, I did wear a tie too – my Favorite of all my Heart’s ties!  I actually came in third!




So, for first place, my Heart won this “Magnetie” – not really his type but fun, nonetheless and a nice evening out!




Friday, August 10 – A movie night – We went to see the newest in the Bourne series: The Bourne Legacy.  It was very good and then back to one of our standards, Don Pablos, for dinner. I realized that I rarely post pictures of our food at Don Pablos so here you go.  I had a steak quesadilla and my Heart had the chicken fajitas. We really do like the food – there is a good “variety” (yes, I know… all Mexican!) in that there are several things on the menu that we enjoy.
Some restaurants there are just a couple things we like so those are basically all the choices.  Add some beer and red sangria and friendly bar staff and it is a very pleasant evening. 


Saturday, August 11 – Boordy Vineyards Summer Concert: Mood Swings – you can tell by the sky and the very wet people at the end of the night… rain or no rain we had a blast and our friends are wonderful!  The band rocked too… they had to stop playing at one point because the skies absolutely opened up but they came back and said that as soon as they could get one of the speakers dried out they would continue playing and would play straight through to the end… that was their break!  FUN!

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