Menu 31 (Aug 12-18) / Menu 32 (Aug 19-25)

   Unbelievably behind on these blogs but when I look at these past few weeks, which included a trip to Boston (over a weekend), a trip to Kansas City (over a weekend), and a trip to Maine (over a weekend)… Move-In, Events, Stevenson Football, HealthCamps … I guess it is understandable. We have also been so very busy that we have been eating OUT a lot.. which is delicious but costly!  So here we go…


Sunday Roast, August 12 – BBQ Pork Loin with Parmesan mashed potatoes and Ginger Chocolate Refrigerator Pie for dessert is just a vague memory but I definitely know the mashed potatoes were a huge hit


Monday, August 13 – Fish Tacos – I always count myself so luck that my Heart likes these because they are definitely a Go-To favorite of mine
How do you know it is SHARK Week? There is a Giant “shark” going through the Discovery Channel building in Silver Springs, MD – Absolutely hysterical and really cute!


Tuesday, August 14 – Meeting people for a dinner meeting in Silver Springs – we got there early so stopped for a drink in Jackie’s Sidebar – I had the Peaches and Scream and my Heart had the Monkey Gland


Yes… that is Rosemary floating on top of my drink – both were nice but not Must Haves if we try the sidebar again



Dinner was at one of our favorite’s – Jackie’s Restaurant in Silver Springs, Md.  Of course, we had to go with the Prosecco and their truffled cheese fries are some of the BEST (and a very big & sharable serving!).

My Heart had the Cemita Poblana: “a traditional Mexican sandwich made with chicken milanesa, al pastor, queso de puerco, avocado, onion, chipotle en vinagre, beans, cheese and papalo on a sesame bun” and I had the “grass fed NY strip loin (rare) with roasted potato, artichoke, long beans and red wine sauce”.  Both dishes were stunning.


Wednesday, August 15 – My Heart was in DC for a meeting and I worked late so we ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings on the way home.  So glad they opened one between home and the University… open late and pretty good food (and the naked tenders with fries aren’t “horrible” for you).


Thursday, August 16 – Outback to celebrate my daughter’s escape from Best Buy and New Job – My Heart was extra good and had the sirloin steak, asparagus, and rice – I was a little “bad” and had the sirloin steak, green beans (I LOVE these green beans.. they are always cooked perfectly) and the addition of a crab cluster (it was on Special!).
Friday, August 17 – I LOVE My Job – Don’t know what event was going on in the Banquet Room down the hall from my office but they said to come down and get breakfast.. YUM! Nothing like a free hot breakfast!  We ended up at Don Pablos for dinner that night.. nothing extraordinary but we like it because there are so many things on the menu we enjoy it isn’t always the same.


Saturday, August 18 – Shopping Day – I needed to get some work clothes and shoes for the fall so off we went for an afternoon of shopping at the The Mall in Columbia – Dinner?  Union Jack’s Columbia – an English-style Pub.  I love my Heart’s beer choice: Boddingtons.. it is fascinating to watch it “separate”.  And what a great burger – The One-Eyed Jack burger include thick sliced bacon, cheddar cheese, and a fried egg – YUM!
… and had to stop on the way home for dessert – USpoon – We finally have the art of creating a yummy frozen yogurt sundae and not spending a “fortune” (you pay by weight)… just don’t let your eyes be bigger than your stomach (or wallet)!


Sunday Roast, August 19 – Really delicious Tandoori Chicken Burgers with yellow rice and peas on the side and Chocolate Lemon Tartlets for dessert – will ramp up the seasoning in the burgers a bit more next time but definitely a Do Again



Monday, August 20 – Roast Salmon with Peas, Potatoes & Bacon – I really enjoy this dish.. it is super simple, doesn’t take too long, and very satisfying!



Tuesday, August 21 – I LOVE Pizza Night – the one on the left: bbq chicken pizza and the one on the right: salami and brie with leftover artichoke dip – my Heart creates the Best flatbread pizzas!


Wednesday, August 22 – We both worked late so it was a Buffalo Wild Wings night
Thursday, August 23 – my default “comfort food” when my Heart is away or has an event is ramen with some cooked chicken & an egg – not too exciting but always makes me feel good
Friday, August 24 – Football Scrimmage at the University so we just stopped by Don Pablos for some Mexican after the game – it is such a Friday tradition the bar staff always asks Why we need to see the menu…
Saturday, August 25 – Our Last Boordy Summer Concert of the season and.. it Rained, of course!  But that didn’t keep us from having a great time – Reggae… my Heart’s Favorite!!  Will miss all our Boordy friends now that the season is done.

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