Menu 29 – July 22 – 28

Look – I am almost caught up with my Menus!

Sunday, July 22 – What a good start to the day – Breakfast tacos with cheesy scrambled eggs on toasted corn tortillas topped with salsa.


 This was a busy day for the family so my Heart and I were on our own for lunch – I had a craving for noodle soup so we went to the local Edo Sushi II – not as good as Pho and definitely not as cheap but it was very good and totally hit the spot.


 I was impressed with my Heart’s Tonkatsu Udon – they kept the tonkatsu (breaded & fried boneless pork) separate so that it didn’t get soggy on his soup??? every bite was crunchy.


 Sunday Roast, July 22 – Beef Stroganoff & Blackberry no-bake tarts – Mushroom filled beef stroganoff was a delicious homey meal ending with a delicious Blackberry No-Bake Tart that was rich, while not being heavy.


 Fish Monday, July 23 – Salmon with Ginger & Lime – This was a lovely, light dish – next time I’ll remember to marinate it overnight so the flavor is more intense.

Tuesday, July 24 – BLTA (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado) salad – one of our favorites topped with some gorgonzola and a light balsamic vinaigrette

 Wednesday, July 25 – Slow Cooker Green Chili Pork Tacos – The pork is cooked similar to the very popular Carnitas we make but the flavor is really different because of the green chili salsa… also liked the Feta cheese vs. the usual shredded Mexican blend or cheddar.  My Heart had a craving for some sweets so he made gluten-free waffles topped with some of the leftover blackberry fluff from Sunday and some melted chocolate frosting, whipped cream, and raspberry M&Ms.. Very creative.

Thursday, July 26 – I ended up working late so we just swung by Bill Bateman’s Bistro for wings and a couple pints – perfect after a long day.

Friday, July 27 – We were at the Orioles Game (O’s vs. A’s) at Orioles Park at Camden Yards.  We really do have a lovely stadium for baseball !  Sad we lost but a fun evening nonetheless.
Saturday, July 28 – Brunch using up some leftovers: Dirty Rice (I really love Zatarain’s Dirty Rice mix) with the leftover Green Chili pork, fried eggs, and topped with a little feta and some fresh cilantro – it all worked quite well together
Dinner with friends at one of our favorites – Jackie’s Restaurant in Silver Spring – Our friends had the Cornmeal fried Tilapia with sweet potato turnovers, corn, collards and bacon au jus, the Fish & Chips with Trio sauces…

 … and Zucchini Cups with halloumi cheese and spicy sesame sauce

My Heart and I shared some small plates: Shenandoah lamb kabobs, grilled flatbread and turmeric-ed eggplant and Seared diver sea scallops, compressed tomato, pesto crostini – The lamb was lovely – weren’t as impressed by the scallops.
… our favorite: Truffled Cheese fries and 12-hour sous vide chicken wings, chimichurri and coleslaw.  We love these fries and there are a ton.  The wings were really delicious – could have used a few more.

 Next we were off to Glen Echo Park

Absolutely beautiful

 Glen Echo Park began in 1891 and was a premier amusement park from the early 1900s until 1968.


 Today the park is managed by the nonprofit Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture, Inc. on behalf of Montgomery County, MD


 They have dances in the park almost every night of the week – we were in the Spanish Ballroom for ballroom dance to a lovely Big Band and across the way, in the Bumper Car Pavilion, there was a Zydeco band and more dancing


Lots of people came out, even though it was hot and there is no air conditioning.  There were dance lessons to start out and then several hours of dancing – it is a long way to go for us but was great fun!

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