Menu 28 – July 15 – July 21

This was one of Those weeks – we started out strong but it was tremendously busy so lots of eating OUT (and not too many pictures).

 Sunday Roast, July 15 – absolutely delicious spicy Hawaiian Chicken Burgers with a fresh cucumber, tomato, feta salad on the side – dessert: My Heart’s yummy gluten-free “Bakewell” tart creation – this was a really great meal !!


    Fish Monday, July 16 – The fish was a success… the rice not so much – Steamed Tilapia with Ginger & Scallions was lovely, light, and flavorful – I almost followed the recipe exactly.  Not sure there was a need for so much peanut oil – will probably use less next time but will definitely make again.  I am trying some new rice mixtures but I should NOT try them with a new main dish too… too often they don’t cook quite as directed… first crunchy and then cooked a little longer.. gooey.  Not fantastic but I’ll definitely try it again, preferably when I am not distracted trying to make other new recipes.  Pineapple left from Sunday Roast so grilled those up for an additional side.




Tuesday, July 17 – Out to dinner with friends at one of our favorites: Iron Bridge Wine Company – Starters included smoked salmon and gazpacho. Please Note, anyone who reads my blog regularly, we did NOT have the charcuterie.. yes, a favorite but we decided to switch it up tonight!




On Tuesday nights they have a steak special – I had the skirt steak. It was cooked perfectly (I want mine Moo-ing rare!) and the beans and mashed potatoes were a lovely complement.  My Heart had the “Maple Leaf Farms duck breast with roasted corn polenta, Haricot Verts, papaya relish with a port reduction”..  I will assume it was delicious from the lack of conversation and the yummy sounds.



I absolutely love their creme brulee – there is a “mound” of chocolate ganache on the bottom that is just a wonderful “surprise”.






Our friends had the other dessert… we totally can’t remember what it was but it was just too pretty not to take a picture of!



 My Heart had the pecan pie tart – WOW!

So Here’s how the rest of the week went:

Wednesday, July 18 – my Heart was in DC for meetings so I went to dinner with the kids – the local Chinese Buffet: Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet – the food is pretty good, sushi selection is nice and they have a teppan yaki station with lots of choices so it can also be Almost healthy (for All You Can Eat) !

Thursday, July 19 – the plan was for Nachos after my Heart got back late from his meetings in DC but I was stuck with computer issues at work so we just stopped by Buffalo Wild Wings on the way home – I certainly needed a couple pints!!
Friday, July 20 – Off to see BATMAN (wow!!) and then Don Pablos for dinner ??? pretty typical Friday.  Is it bad when the bartenders ask if you really need to see the menu because you always order the same thing??  HA!  We ordered something different just to show them!  I do like that they have the calories printed right no the menu – just help make some decisions a little easier (no??? I don’t just eat salads).



 Saturday, July 21 – Boordy Vineyards for one of our favorite bands: Mood Swings – It was a little damp but that didn’t stop us from having fun – nothing like wine, music, nibbles & friends (That is my Heart, in the yellow shirt, dancing with one of our friends)

Crazy busy week but still pretty food fun!

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