Menu 26 & 27 – July 1 – July 14

Still playing catch up but almost there.
Sunday Roast, July 1 – Chicken Taco Salad & Berry Shortcake – something light before the 4th of July feast!
Fish Monday, July 2 – Seared scallops with peppers, onions, and mushrooms on yellow rice – I love this dish!


Tuesday, July 3 – I think I am finally getting the English Fry-Up down pat… Fried eggs, chips, grilled tomatoes & mushrooms, sausage patties (don’t have proper bangers here), bacon, beans.  A very satisfying meal !!




Wednesday, July 4 – the 4th of July and Food, Family, Food, Wine, Music, Food and Fireworks – what else could you want?  The Loaded Baked potato Salad was a huge hit


Thursday, July 5 – Didn’t take pictures but off to a Gallery opening… several Stevenson U alumni photographers on display – so much talent!  Then used our Living Social Coupon for Bang Bang Mongolian in Canton.. Can’t say we were impressed.  Like it can’t decide if it is Fast Food or “nicer” dining.


Friday, July 6 – Totally didn’t take pictures, which is a shame because lunch was Delicious – Mama’s on the Half Shell in Canton.. YUM!  Wonderful raw oysters and their 1/2 & 1/2 Cream of Crab / Maryland Crab soup was definitely something I would go back for.  Dinner at Artful with my Heart & a friend – Nothing extraordinary but it is nice to have a local place that is very reliable for delicious food.
Saturday, July 7 – Checked out the new Taco Bell Cantina menu for lunch – Not bad.. definitely less processed tasting but I think I would still pick Qdoba first


Dinner out with my Heart and friends – Jesse Wong Asean Bistro – we have been to his other restaurant (Jesse Wong’s Kitchen) which has an extensive sushi menu.  This was a nice little place that focuses on Chinese cuisine??? I don’t think I would call it as “elegant” as they advertise, although there is someone playing piano (the other restaurant has that also).  The seafood fried rice was very nice, no shortage of seafood.  We had to order the Duck, our friends said that it was the best duck outside of France – I am not sure we would go that far (there is an amazing Peking Duck restaurant in Northern VA) but it was very good.
Sunday Roast, July 8 – Roast Salmon with Peas, Potatoes & Bacon – absolutely delicious and definitely a do-again!  Also my Heart’s first experiment with Gluten-free Bakewell tarts – YUM!
Fish Monday, July 7 – Super Simple crab tacos.. too easy for words but really Yummy
Tuesday, July 8 – Dinner with friends – there was a snake in the grass in front of their house.. I almost picked it up (I think my Heart would have RUN away).  Had to take a picture of their black lab, Loki.. My kids black cat is Loki !   Wonderful dinner, wine, and conversation.. that’s how every night should be.




Wednesday, July 9 – Summer Serenades concert at Stevenson.. love these outdoor free concerts with the Greenspring Orchestra.. what a great summer tradition.  Simple nibbles including my Heart’s Delicious Pate





Thursday, July 10 – Pepper Steak with sake & hoisin.. haven’t made this in years but I actually remembered how.


Friday, July 11 – Lunch at Chipotle… I definitely prefer Qdoba .. was nice that I could get the tacos on corn (gluten-free) tortillas but I had to ask (the crunchy shells weren’t visible) and the counter person actually didn’t KNOW that there were crunchy tacos – the manager had to show her (they were hidden UNDER the counter).
Friday, July 11 – AMAZING Dinner at Sotto Sopra (I could eat that seafood pasta once a week.. don’t care if it isn’t gluten-free and I would suffer!!).. and then the Brandenburg Concertos with the BSO – what a great night!
Saturday, July 12 – TOTALLY missed taking pictures of dinner: seafood at Reters Crab House but did manage a picture of the cheese omelet for breakfast – oh, and went to see Spiderman too!  It was a good Saturday!!

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