Menu 24 – June 17 – June 23



Not a LOT of cooking this week because we did a mini VACA that included a great trip to NYC.






June 17: Sunday Roast & Dad’s day – my Heart’s choice: Carnitas and then Jello Shooter cupcakes




June 18: Fish Monday – I had a craving for scallops and they were on sale… I see that as a SIGN!  Simple mushroom rice (white long grain rice cooked with white wine).. while the rice was cooking (20-25 minutes) sauteed baby bella mushrooms and then added them to the rice with some freshly ground pepper and fresh parmesan cheese before serving.  Pan wilted spinach in a little olive oil topped with freshly parmesan cheese. Seared the scallops in a little EVOO & butter (the combination is perfect and gives great color). I love this meal !


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