Menu 22 – 23 – June 3 – June 16



Still Catching up but starting to see the light at the end of the LIST – I actually DO write a menu for each week but it just doesn’t always happen the way I had planned.  The good part – I know that I always have food to eat in the house and a little flexibility isn’t a bad thing when menu’ing.






Sunday, June 3 – No Sunday Roast because we were down in DC setting up for HealthCampDC at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health, an absolutely beautiful facility and a perfect place for HealthCamp – I LOVE The Wall on this big window.. for some reason I just love the look of it.  On the way to the hotel (no use heading back home, a one-hour+ drive, to just come back about eight hours later) we stopped at the Pupuseria El Comalito in Takoma Park – a papusa is a Salvadoran dish made of a thick, hand-made corn tortilla usually filled with something like cheese or beans or pork and served with a slightly spicy & vinegary cabbage slaw and a “watery” tomato salsa.  We’ve had them at a local restaurant.  These were delicious and really hit the spot.  The one above had pork and the one at the top of the page had herbs.. that one was my favorite!






Monday, June 4 – HealthCampDC – Kaiser Permanente’s team took care of ordering the food and they always do a great job. Very healthy and generally conscious of people’s allergies, etc.  The “box” lunches were very upmarket and my salad, with poached salmon was delicious.




My Heart helped facilitate the closing session with participants talking about the sessions they attended and follow up plans






The Walking Gallery, a project started by our friend, artist and Health Advocate, Regina Holliday, celebrated it’s one-year anniversary at an event immediately following HealthCampDC. Regina, who has more energy than almost anyone I know, created this amazing Lego display to show the members of the Walking Gallery around the world.  The close-up is of my Heart & I !




Members of the Walking Gallery lined up and “walked” around the middle of the Center to show everyone their coats – The coats are amazing to see but the stories that go with those coats are even more stunning.


Tuesday, June 5 – My Heart was at events in DC the remainder of the week and I was on my own – I have no idea what I ate on this day.




Wednesday, June 6 – When my Heart is away, my kids frequently take pity on poor old mom and invite me to dinner.  They also “menu” and do Sunday grocery shopping with us (I “help” with their groceries… fresh fruits & vegetables are very expensive.)  Tonight’s dish, the Taco Bowl… one of their own concoctions.  On the bottom of the bowl, freshly cooked Asian “sticky” rice, topped with cooked ground beef combined with black beans and taco seasoning, topped with my daughter’s amazing fresh-made guacamole then cilantro, store-bought pico de gallo and a dollop of sour cream (if you want).  DELICIOUS – the layers of warm and cool… really good.  I know this could probably work, and be healthier, as a SALAD but their argument is that they would eat more of the meat / bean mixture on a salad and they need the meal to stretch for a couple lunches… not bad logic and it is great that they really think Through their meals.


Thursday, June 7 and Friday, June 8 – Again – I was on my own for Thursday and have no idea what I ate.  My Heart came home relatively late on Friday so we just grabbed a bite out.. somewhere!




Saturday, June 9 – My Heart was exhausted from the past CRAZY few weeks and seemed to be coming down with something… I started to make omelets for brunch but I had most of the ingredients I needed to make an English Fry-up (or Full Breakfast) … one of his favorites: Chips (French fries), fried eggs, grilled tomato, vegetarian baked beans, and bacon (we didn’t have any sausage).






Sunday, June 10 – Every year Liberty Mountain Resort holds a reunion for their winter staff – it is fun and entertaining watching people try to recognize each other
in Summer attire vs. Winter !  The above photos are basically the same spot – it is amazing how similar and yet how different the slopes look.






Lunch for the reunion is the typical hamburger / hot dogs (no buns for me!), salads, etc.  We wanted something fairly fast and light for Sunday Roast – Steak Salad definitely fit the bill.




Fish Monday, June 11 – Nothing at all complicated – some grilled salmon drizzled with lime olive oil and lime juice topped with store-bought pico, Mexican sour cream “sauce”, yellow rice, and a grilled tomato




Tuesday, June 12 – So My Heart was coming down with something – it turned out to be a really vicious case of the flu (he still has a cough almost three-weeks later).  In the years we’ve been together I’ve never seen him this sick.  I had some chicken breasts defrosted to make a different recipe but the only thing that sounded good to him was ramen, which I totally understand!






Wednesday, June 13 – We had tickets to see the Baltimore Orioles play.  Really, my Heart was too sick to go but he loves baseball and would not miss a chance to go – the evening was perfect, weather-wise, and we won.  If you have never been to Orioles Stadium at Camden Yards and you enjoy baseball… it is definitely a place to see – Absolutely Beautiful.


Thursday, June 14 – As expected, going to the baseball game was not a good plan… poor guy spent the entire day in bed and, by the time I got home, still didn’t want much to eat but I could coax him with more ramen.


Friday, June 15 – After spending basically two days in bed, my Heart wanted to get out of the house for a little while.  Now, I LOVE ramen but when I am sick, Pho (Vietnamese Noodle Soup) is my Go-To meal and he agreed.  It did help!




Saturday, June 16 – We were privileged to be invited to one of my co-worker’s wedding at a Northern Baltimore County golf course.  The day was stunningly beautiful and so was the bride… I have never seen her look so radiant and happy.  My Heart even felt well enough to dance a bit but it was a fairly early night for us… he was exhausted.

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