Menu 19 – Week of May 15, 2011


Menu 18 – Week of May 1, 2011
Sunday Roast – Stuffed pork loin with all the fixings – Used up the huge pork loin that was in the freezer for very traditional stuffed pork loin with all the fixings.


Monday Night – Last dinner with the Senior Class Council at Outback – an end of semester tradition.

Tuesday Night – Corned beef & cabbage – I had bought an extra corned beef when we did St Patrick’s Day dinner so that seemed like an easy crock-pot dinner during a very busy week:
Wednesday – Senior Video Showcase so we’ll be going out to dinner
Thursday – One of our only days with no plans in the evening – we went out for pizza to Upper Crust Pizza & Grille – it is one of our favorites, very thin crust and innovative toppings
Friday – Orioles game – these are the rain check tickets from the rained out game earlier in the month
Saturday – Grad Week: Busch Gardens – and life gets even busier!
And by busier:
Sunday, May 8 was Mother’s Day.  My daughter made Chicken Cordon Bleu with wild rice & roasted broccoli and strawberry shortcake for dessert:
The rest of the week included a day trip to NYC, Baccalaureate, another Orioles game, Casino Night & Commencent so, No Cooking!
Menu 19 – Week of May 15, 2011


There wasn’t much of a menu for this week because we had no idea how busy the week would be.  Meals included:
Sunday Roast:
Breakfast – something different but I had a craving: corned beef hash with poached eggs
Sunday dinner: Jambalaya with ham & shrimp and, for dessert: strawberry, yogurt ice cream & mango rum smoothies – absolutely delicious (My Heart Rocks)
Fish Monday – Fish Tacos before we leave for England
Getting our fill of Mexican before we leave – stuffed burritos with ground beef, refried beans, fresh salsa, and shredded Mexican cheese


Out to dinner at Victoria Gastro Pub in Columbia, one of our favorites.  My Heart had the lobster grilled cheese sandwich and we shared the poutine, although they do theirs with duck fries & slivers of duck so it isn’t traditional poutine but is still damned yummy!  I had the pate … it was amazing!
No more pictures for this week… simply too crazy!  Next Stop England – but I’ll post some Menus as I am putting together more England pics!

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