Menu 17 – Week of April 24, 2011

**** First I have to apologize for being so late with these menus but as you will see with the next few posts – life has been pretty crazy.  I decided to go ahead with the “menus” even though I rarely cooked in the past few weeks. You will see why.
Sunday Roast – Ham, smashed potatoes, peas & onions – Many people have ham for Easter but my Son really likes lamb and I cater to him on this holiday.  My daughter and I were having a real craving for ham, though, and it was on sale so … Sunday Roast the week before Easter!  Dessert was a wonderful coconutty refrigerator pie… everyone DUG IN!
Fish Monday – Lemon Baked Cod, Buckwheat, broccoli – Cod is on sale again and this recipe looked very simple.  To put it mildly.. it was pretty dreadful.  The outside just sort of got “gooey” … it didn’t brown or really crisp up. ICK!  This goes to prove… even experienced cooks can make a bad choice in a recipe.  It wasn’t inedible and we got some ideas from it but… ICK!  I did not make broccoli.. instead just the peas and onions left over from Sunday.  The buckwheat wasn’t bad, although it definitely didn’t shine with the fish but I know that we’ll try it again.  I like the nutty feel & flavor.
Fish Tuesday – Italian Tilapia with pasta – I think I will call this one Fish Cacciatore because that is really what it is like.  Cacciatore is one of my favorite things so I liked this very much.  I might think about adding olives and messing with the recipe a bit but this definitely made up for the previous night’s ICK!  Oh… and I didn’t serve it on pasta. Fortunately, my Heart likes rice almost as much as I do and he suggested rice because it soaks up the sauce! YUM!
Wednesday – I had my late 8pm meeting so my Heart planned on making nachos but instead he did a burrito that included ham, potatoes, eggs and all sorts of other things he found in the fridge… truly a creative dinner but YUM!!
Thursday – stir-fry chicken with green beans & rice was the plan but things came up and we ended up grabbing a bite out and going to a movie instead!

Friday – Out with friends as part of the three-day Easter weekend

Menu 17 – Week of April 24, 2011

Sunday Roast / Easter – Roast Leg of Lamb, rice pilaf, asparagus, mint sauce & mint jelly


Fish Monday – Fish Enchiladas – Tilapia is on sale and I make fish tacos all the time so something different


Tuesday – We are at the Baltimore Speaker Series and are going out to dinner at Mari Luna
Wednesday – my Heart is in DC for an event so I am on my own… who knows what that means! RAMEN


Thursday – My Heart is back down in DC and that is the night of the University’s Leadership dinner… yeah, I get fed!
Friday – A busy week so we’ll probably grab a bite out

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