Menu 16 – Week of April 17, 2011

Sunday Roast – Pot Roast with all the fixings… one of my favorite dinner



Fish Monday – Tilapia Tikka Masala with rice & spinach – This turned out wonderful. Definitely a make again!
Fish Tuesday – Cod was on sale and I’ve been wanting to try this idea: Mexican Baked Cod with rice & avocado – I originally planned to serve with rice and avocado but I thought it would be good if we just had Lots of avocado and skipped the rice.  It worked.
Wednesday – I planned to cook BBQ Pork Chops with Buckwheat & green beans but real life interfered and I ended up working late so my Heart made a delicious chicken BBQ pizza including peppers – YUM
Thursday – my Heart was in DC for a meeting and I am heading to see RENT with the kids at the University… what a great production!
Friday – The University is hosting it’s first Relay for Life… we stopped by to show our support and found out Snookie was in the House.  They raised more than $20,000… a pretty amazing First event!
Saturday – Off to the MobileCitizen Summit in DC – the Summit was in Microsoft’s offices in DC. Beautiful building


Menu 16 – Week of April 17, 2011
Sunday Roast – Ham, smashed potatoes, peas & onions – my daughter & I are having a craving for Ham but Lamb is the Easter tradition so … Ham a week early!
Fish Monday – Lemon Baked cod, Buckwheat, broccoli – Cod is on sale again… this recipe looks super simple.
Fish Tuesday – Italian Tilapia with pasta – this is a little like the Mexican fish I made last week but not. I have almost a cacciatore in my mind
Wednesday – 8pm meeting so my Heart is making nachos
Thursday – stir-fry chicken with green beans & rice – Have chicken on freezer and green beans are on sale.
Friday – Out with friends as part of the three-day Easter weekend

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