Menu 14 – Week of April 3, 2011

Sunday Roast – Roast Curry Pork Loin with Fruit was delicious. Fruit stuffed pork loin is always a favorite.
Fish Monday – Thai Tilapia with baby Bok Choy in Garlic Sauce – This was a wonderful recipe I will definitely repeat if I can find the baby bok choy.
Tuesday – This felt like a very “special” dinner for a week night but it didn’t take too long and was delicious – totally a do again recipe: Flank Steak with Roasted potatoes & broccoli
Wednesday – I had my usual late meeting so my Heart did a pizza creation – that is baby bok choy (I had a few left that I didn’t used for dinner on Monday), mango salsa, potatoes, and BBQ pork.  I know – sounds weird – but it was delicious and a wonderful meal after a very long day.
Thursday – We went to the Faculty / Staff vs. Student basketball game.  Since the kids were there with us (my son’s girlfriend is a freshman and active in the SGA) we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings.  Steak burritos (using the leftover flank steak) was on the menu – we just put the steak in the freezer because we knew that we would be away for the weekend.
Friday & Saturday – We traveled to New Haven, Connecticut for HealthCampCT @ Yale School of Nursing – there are pictures from HealthCamp and also here is the link to the Foundation for more information.  I did take pictures of some of our meals … so here are HealthCampCT food pics
Menu 14 – Week of April 3, 2011

Sunday Roast – we were just getting back from Connecticut and my son’s girlfriend’s parents were visiting.  Her mother made an amazing Korean feast – absolutely Delicious!

Fish Monday – Tilapia is on sale and the last time we had fish tacos… they were so delicious they just had to be repeated.
Tuesday – My Heart is in DC for a dinner so I’m on my own – won’t be very exciting, I’m sure.
Thursday – Steak Burritos using the flank steak from the previous week
Friday – Orioles Game
Saturday – Out to dinner with friends – not sure where yet

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