Menu 11 – Week of March 13, 2011



This week I am at the Datatel User Group conference in Washington DC from Sunday through Wednesday.  Definitely an abridged menu.


Sunday – the kids volunteered to cook us brunch – Delicious!  Brunch included scrambled eggs, sausage gravy & biscuits, and eggs in a frame.
I blogged all the DUG Food – YUM!
Wednesday night my Heart made us sort of an omelet nachos dinner (sorry – no pictures… just so yummy we gobbled it down!)


Thursday night we were at Ignite Baltimore – it was a great night of inspirational and informational lightening talks.  Dinner that night was wings at Buffalo Wild Wings on the way home.
Friday night I finally did the pork & broccoli stir fry.  I like this dish and it is surprisingly satisfying.
Saturday was our last day on the slopes – I am so sad to see ski season coming to an end.  We grabbed wings again on our way home.


Menu 11 – Week of March 13, 2011


Sunday Roast – We are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day a little early because my Heart is traveling the majority of the week so we wanted to make sure that we could celebrate together.  We’ll have a traditional dinner with corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes.


Fish Monday: Another Irish dish – Cod is on sale so we are trying Cod with Parsley Mashed potatoes. This dish looks like a Shepherd’s Pie – Fisherman’s Pie


Tuesday: Tilapia is on sale, fish tacos sounded good – that’s the plan


Wednesday: My Heart is heading to Florida so I know what that means – I sleep badly, work too much, and eat badly.  I am lucky on Wednesday – my daughter has invited me over for dinner.  She is making Chicken Cordon Bleu for the first time.


Thursday: Probably leftovers


Friday: My Heart comes home very late – I will probably grab a bite with the kids


Saturday: He leaves for San Diego very very early int he morning.  I think my daughter and I will go see King’s Speech, probably have dinner out

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