Menu 10 – Week of Mar. 6, 2011

Menu 9 – Week of Feb. 27, 2011 – Notes & Recap


Sunday Roast – One last batch of Clam Chowder seemed in order as winter is starting to bid its final farewell.  For dessert: my Heart made a lovely lemon & blackberry pudding.  There were five of of us and just one serving leftover.


Monday – Tilapia Piccata with rice & spinach turned out quite nice. Next time – more sauce but it was delicious. We had two substantial servings and one serving leftover.
Tuesday – Finally made the Chicken Casserole with mashed potatoes.  It was very good – next time, my Heart suggested using sherry instead of water for the sauce mix.  We had two hearty servings and one good sized lunch leftover.
Wednesday – The usual late night meeting.  Came home to delicious nachos from my Heart and the what a great surprise: eggs on top! YUM!!
Thursday – The plan was for Asian pork & broccoli but we ended up traveling down to American University for a Social Media workshop.  We had nachos & quesadillas in the student union – not bad!


Friday – Phi Beta Lambda hosts the Rock the Cradle concert for the March of Dimes event every year.  I hung out for the first band and to watch the SU step squad… swung through takeaway Chinese for dinner.


Saturday – My Heart was skiing and I’m was at the Shopping Extravaganza – Even though it was a very long day, I felt like cooking so we had my second try at beef stroganoff which was a definite success.  Two substantial servings and one serving for lunch later.
Menu 10 – Week of March 6, 2011


This week I am at the Datatel User Group conference in Washington DC from Sunday through Wednesday.  Definitely an abridged menu.


Sunday – the kids volunteered to cook us brunch – Delicious!


Pancakes and scrambled eggs


Eggs in a frame and sausage gravy & biscuits – everything was yummy!


I blogged all the DUG Food – YUM!


Wednesday night my Heart made us sort of an omelet nachos dinner (sorry – no pictures… just so yummy we gobbled it down!)


Thursday night we were at Ignite Baltimore – it was a great night of inspirational and informational lightening talks.  Dinner that night was wings at Buffalo Wild Wings


Friday night I finally did the pork & broccoli stir fry.  I like this dish and it was surprisingly satisfying.


Saturday was our last day on the slopes – I am so sad to see ski season coming to an end.  We grabbed wings again on our way home.


So this was one of Those weeks but we did manage to cook a couple times.

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