Memorial Day Roast


We skipped Sunday Roast yesterday because the kids were traveling back from their Dad’s so we did it Right for Memorial Day Roast. Unfortunately we can’t BBQ (no where to do it at the apartment) but we can still be creative. The menu was a lovely blend of good old USA Memorial Day food and some delicious UK summer treats!

After the boneless ribs went into the oven – 275-degrees for a couple hours – just covered in freshly ground pepper. I would normally do spareribs but they were out and the boneless country ribs looked good.


Next: Melon Salad (from my Heart’s Mom who took it from a Cordon Bleu magazine years and years ago !)- 1lb of tomatoes, English cucumber, honeydew melon

The cucumber was peeled and coarsely chopped – put on a plate and sprinkled with salt and left to sit for about 30 minutes. Then drained and thoroughly rinsed. This helps reduce some of the acid and gassiness and also takes out some of the water.

The honeydew was cut into coarse chunks, about the same size as the cucumber chunks.


Easiest way to peel a tomato? Score the tomato lightly, just to break through the skin and then 1 minute in boiling water


Peel right off – the tomatoes were then seeded and coarsely chopped


Tomato, cucumber, and melon were combined


The dressing is: red wine vinegar, sugar, freshly ground pepper, canola oil,


Fresh herbs: mint, chives and parsley were finely chopped


All combined and put into the fridge to meld and chill for a couple hours – the longer the better according to my Heart.


Next: Pavlova (Also from his Mom)


Egg whites and salt whipped until stiff and then the sugar, cornstarch, vanilla and vinegar are added in step by step until very stiff. The mixture was then spread on baking parchment and cooked in a low oven (250-degree) for 1 hr & 15 minutes. Our oven is not very precise so we are still trying to deal with temperature differences, which is very frustrating.


Hot Herb Loaf: butter was creamed together with dried mixed herbs (Herbes de Provence is best and his mom says to add extra thyme) and juice of 1/4-1/2 of a lemon


Cut a fresh baguette almost through into slices and butter each slice on BOTH sides! Spread any remaining butter over the top. Plan on using 4oz of butter per baguette. Wrap in foil but make sure that you can open the top for the last five minutes to crisp the bread. The bread is baked at 375-degrees for 10 minutes and then opened up the top and back an additional 5 minutes to crisp the crust.


My Dad’s BBQ sauce: ketchup, brown sugar, lemon juice, garlic powder, and hot sauce (whatever type you prefer). I don’t put the sauce on the pork until about 15 -20 minutes before ready to serve and I don’t slather it on. Turn up the oven to about 350-degrees for 10-15 minutes so the sauce melts and caramelizes a bit.


Ribs ready to eat


marinated salad


hot bread – Would have shown the whole loaf but it was devoured that quickly!!!


Sweet corn on the cob


The final touch – pavlova with whipped cream, Lemoncello, and fresh berries – the perfect ending to a Memorial Day feast!

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  1. Your Heart's Mum
    June 1, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    Lovely food Maumi – would love to have joined in the feast. Keep on cooking. Love Joan

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