MCPA Support Staff Conference KEY NOTE @maryland_MCPA

I am live blogging so please be patient with typos, etc. Thanks – maumi

Keynote – Kipp Colvin, AVP for Student Activities at Stevenson University

Shout out to Kathy Wilt

Re-Thinking Support Staff in Student Affairs – Will you leave today thinking of your job differently?

We are educating people – policies / procedures / resources – educating a colleague about a situation – educating your supervisor about a situation

Everything I have learned about from teaching 3 year olds dance – Be Prepared (ABCDEFG): Flexibility is the key – Ability to adapt and making the best of a difficult situation

Tip #1 – When you are asked to do a project or complete something and you know there is a time crunch – ask for choices: – giving choices gives options to do your job – When do we have to have this done / when can I get the information that I need – when people are asking for: ask them for choices and puts responsibility on that person

What is the VP going to ask? Be friends with that Admin Asst.

Lead with Authenticity – dependable, reliable, ethical – you are the reflection of your boss – Sometimes you’ve got to take one for the team – be the person, it makes your job a lot easier

Who else do we support? Students, co-workers, other offices – be authentic with a phone call / with an email – don’t BS – always be authentic / honest

Asking the Question:

  • What do you expect of me?
  • What is your role?
  • Salary – Have you asked the question?

You’ve Got to “pet ‘em” – de-escalate the situation

Be In The Moment – Give that person your attention

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