#mCitizen Session B3 Mobile Engagement: SeeClickFix

This is LIVE blogging and totally not every conversation or important topic!! – my personal notes & asides.


Session B3 – Mobile Engagement – Jeff Mooney (partnership development) from SeeCLickFix


  • Starting with Introductions – nice change from the last meeting
  • SeeClickFix background www.seeclickfix.com – See an issue in your neighborhood that you want to fix – Click: on a mobile app that lets them take a picture, geo-locates and lets you enter the information including description then goes into the system and about 14,000 govt officials can receive this message… once in the system it becomes public and people can VOTE on the item also … approx 50K issues have been “fixed” – FIX puts the information in the hands of those who might be able to take care of it … NOT just the govt fixing… sometimes the community works together to “fix” –
  • Can be entered through the website
  • Can setup a watch area 
  • can search for issues in your community
  • path for people to do civic engagement
  • 700 media partners –
  • translated into 10 languages
  • color coded system so you REALLY can see what issues are “open” vs. “Closed” – the issue doesn’t “disappear” from the system – you can see what is completed
  • San Francisco – the Let’s Do It movement (started in Estonia?) – has progressed from country to country … get hundreds to thousands of people who come out to “clean up” something – SF did it recently to look for Dumping / graffiti… and they are using SeeClickFix and is going directly to the govt agency that can take care of it. – “SFGovFresh” – you have a whole community who want to work together to make a difference
  • The mobile app is great for drive-by shots and quick submit because you see something that needs to be fixed
  • In about 40 governments
  • not just the government responsible for it – the community can help also
  • Competitive points – like Badges – you get points for being more active … people like getting recognition for being active in their community
  • Mobile apps for iPhone / Android / Blackberry
  • how do they make $$? – advertising / licensing with govt
  • How to reach out to the community?
  • how many people have an android – would it be better to have SMS access?
  • need to have confidence that if they report something then something will happen
  • don’t know the demographics of their users
  • needs to be anonymous to protect people, especially if they are reporting criminal incidents
  • Q: What other partnerships do you have?
  • a lot of politicians put SeeClickFix on their website
  • govt can also send Out information to groups – govt can do branding
  • Q: how do you recognize the layers of government – who is responsible?
  • they DO try to “sell” to govt to get buy-in
  • isn’t it the responsibility of the govt to send you in the right direction?
  • Q: Can citizens post “fix”?
  • yes… and sometimes they post pictures
  • there is excitement about posting those Fixes
  • Q: Have you seen it used somewhere like a University
  • just got their first University client (can’t say Who) – institution has a large commuter population who aren’t always reached out to like residents

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