#mcitizen Opening & Keynote

This is LIVE blogging and totally not every conversation or important topic!! – my personal notes & asides

Introducing the planning committee and volunteers – time for some Kudos – Lots of developers and tech companies and government represented (what a wonderful mix!) – Loving the different shades of Orange as identifier color for the organizers… Very Very Nice Plan.  Big thanks to Microsoft for hosting this conference – Nice Job!!  

Time for Sponsor recognition – Big thanks to them too!

Time for a Group Activity…. wow – hope this isn’t a Student Activities #higherEd type group activity … 
**** Stand if you agree with the question – I love that the crowd is talking back!!  
  • Android Fan or iPhone Fan?  
  • Fan of the Kindle STAND / iPad SIT
  • one person uses the Kindle app on his phone
  • Love that this guy uses the Kindle app on his iPad & iPhone
  • Which has the most potential: SMS / QR codes
    • Is it about the audience? 
    • SMS may have more longevity

    Getting to know the people around you – Love that someone from Homeland Security is here to talk about mobile apps for first responders – Way to be thought / tech Forward!!

    Dan Kasun, Sr. Director, Public Sector Developer & Platform Evangelism at Microsoft sharing why he feels this type of Summit is important
    • Mobile technology has caused more global change than anything, of late
    • Giving a voice to those who haven’t had a voice!
    • Imagine Cup – let’s hear what current students come up with: http://www.imaginecup.com/ 
    • Windows phone app – for caregivers in rural areas – cloud base solution to help them make decisions on where to go next
  • Mobile computing is changing the world! 
  • Keynote Panel Time: Katie Harbath, Associate Manager for Policy at Facebook / Courtney Sieloff, Senior Strategist at Revolution Messaging
    • How mobile tech has been used in political campaigns and the future 2012 campaign
    • How is Mobile different in relationship with politics?
    • Most people assume is that the only choice is SMS – not getting what is available
    • SMS doesn’t always get used to the best of its ability
    • FEC is not allowing campaigns to raise $$ through tech
    • Fundraising opportunities using SMS – but I don’t want to be hit up for $$
  • Your digital person is actually on your Senior Staff so that person is AT the table for those conversations – teach everyone the implications / impact of mobile strategy
  • How are the demands different when working for a campaign?
    • more time intensive – late nights – hurry up to wait and then hurry up some more
    • Data – hard to get people to start gathering Data – if you get that data you can explain “why their gut is wrong”… it can help you make your case
  • Are there un-met needs – what do you need
    • hoping that the lead people start actually Utilizing Mobile in order to communicate – don’t stop the bus – straight communication with the people who are following them… straight from the staff level
    • there are lots of tools out there but campaigns aren’t utilizing them to their fullest
    • PHOTOS – a fun way to get people involved to let people Tag – connecting people – much more personal
  • Biggest success?  
    • Reed Campaign did a great job using SMS to deliver messages to people who might not have been reached – the under-represented
    • Brown Campaign
  • More mobile advertising – that’s where the people Are – 
  • Texted videos so it looks like the candidate is speaking to YOU – Creepy AND Awesome
  • Questions
    • Internal tools that a campaign might use i.e. Yammer – what are they using
    • they try but there just isn’t the skill set – don’t we ALL feel that way
    • FB groups that is invite only so that people can update and keep people involved
    • SMS – but trying to talk them into using the technology
    • What about Security??  Is that an issue
    • a lot is the fear of the Unknown 
  • What’s the most important demographic segment & how would you use Mobile
    • Latino voters – already use mobile and texting
    • Older block of voters on the Republican side… they are just getting into the mobile (i.e. iPad, iPhone) – definitely jumping on the bandwagon!  
    • Under-represented may be difficult to reach … move frequently… may not have a computer in their home
    • Young people – are used to mobile tech
  • How do you think Apps might figure in to the 2012 campaign
    • would like to see those big conversations that are happening but narrow them down to Where You Are (i.e. FourSquare) – if you are volunteering you can see who else are in the area
  • Who will be the Mobile Candidate be in 2012?
    • A senate race… someone who is willing to take the risk
  • What types of Mobile friendly websites are needed?  Apps in general 
    • About integration and make sure that everything works together
    • PUSH notifications on the app was very good
    • Apps – start more simple & testing of the mobile page to actually SEE what people are using and like!!
  • How are candidates going to respond to a situation? What will they use in the future?
    • Would be so much better if they reacted right away with a “oops” sort of thing – would that make you more Personal?? 
    • “Running with Rudy” – behind the scenes of the campaign – instead of taking
  • Finding polling places – how to get the information out there
    • TONS of data
    • Lots of work
    • could this be through volunteers??  
    • look at what is out there – what was used during the last election… like Twitter Vote Report
  • What do YOU use most
    • cameraplus and instagram

    Time to head OFF to Sessions – I’m heading to: Intellectual Property Considerations & Strategies for Developing & Sustaining Mobile Technologies

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