Mahi Mahi with saki green beans


Tonight’s dinner didn’t turn out quite as well as I would have liked but it was pretty good for a Monday night.


Fresh green beans were covered in water in a skillet with a lid – bring to a boil, cover and turn off the heat – let sit for about five minutes and drain. Turned up the heat, add a touch of olive oil, some chopped garlic and toasted slightly then a splash of sake to deglaze the pan.


Next some plain ramen noodles were boiled in water until soft


Drained the water and stirred in some Sichuan peanut sauce (the same that was used for the scallops last week)


The mahi mahi was marinated in an Asian salad dressing for about 30 minutes and then cooked on the Foreman grill for approximately 7 minutes – until just done. Just a drizzle of peanut sauce topped the grilled fish. I think we would have enjoyed salmon a bit more… we’re going to think about how to cook the mahi mahi and try something different next time.

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