Mac & Cheese #1


Tonight’s dinner – Mac & Cheese #1 with a nod to the BUNNY Mac & Cheese recipe that I blogged earlier. I totally forgot about the caramelized onions so I’ll do that next time… I promise. And there are some measurement differences because of conversion tables – which I hate.


I boiled the macaroni and when it was done I dropped in the Fresh broccoli florets and turned off the heat. I then poured the macaroni into the colander.


First 3Tbsp butter and then about 1/2c of flour to make a roux – slightly brown to toast the flour. Added in 1c of milk and mixed until smooth then added the other 2c of milk and combined and started to thicken. Once thickened…


A dash of cayenne and freshly ground pepper and mix in thoroughly


Next 1.5c shredded sharp cheddar – stir in until melted


next 1/4c smoked Gruyere chopped – stir in until melted


next 1/2c brie (without the rind) – stir in until melted


once all the cheese is thoroughly melted and the sauce is smooth, mix with the cooked macaroni & broccoli. Place into a buttered casserole and top with shredded cheddar


Bake at 375-degrees for about 20-25 minutes until melted and slightly browned.

The mac & cheese was very nice and creamy. Changes for the future?

** add the caramelized onions & garlic recommended in the original recipe
** definitely more smoked cheese – it was a great flavor, wanted more
** more broccoli
** perhaps add wine to the white sauce before adding the cheese
** chopped bacon because… bacon makes everything better

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