Lemon Baked fish

I wasn’t going to post this but I think I have to share the disaster recipes too – sometimes they don’t turn out and sometimes it was just a bad idea. This was both…


This recipe seemed super simple… lemon juice & some melted butter – coated the fish in seasoned flour


Drizzle with lemon butter and bake at 375-degrees for about 30 minutes. Side dish, we are trying buckwheat which is, oddly enough, gluten-free.


The buckwheat cooked up fairly quick and easy. It was a little sticky but had a nice nutty taste. There is a recipe on the package for a summer salad – I think I might try it. Warmed up the leftover peas from Sunday for the veg. The fish? ICK… it was not crisp … more pasty and gummy – Probably could have cooked it longer but I didn’t want the fish to dry out. The flavor (lemon butter) was nice but next time.. NO Flour. YUCK!!

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