Italian Sausage Cacciatore


Store brand chicken Italian sausage was on sale – it was a good deal: Buy one Get one free – one package had six sausages and cost $5.98, I used three sausages for this dish… more than enough. So three more meals out of that $5.98 !




Browned the sausage chunks in a little olive oil, added sliced onions, green & red pepper then mushrooms & chopped garlic

Next Thai basil and cilantro (leftover from the Asian meals over the weekend), chopped










Used 1/2 of the can of tomatoes (reserved the rest for another dinner this week) and why buy wine if you don’t use – delicious Boordy Merlot.

















Simmered the sausage mixture at a steady bubble until reduced – served on gluten-tree rice ziti – YUM !! This dish served up two hearty portions and also left enough for one lunch

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