Italian Sausage “burger” wraps


My original plan was to make Burger wraps… so all the deliciousness of a hamburger but without the bun (for me… and yes, I know there are gluten-free breads & buns but I am not a HUGE bread eater and the ones I have tasted are just awful… I want soft & fluffy which = Gluten… so… yeah) But.. hamburger wasn’t on sale and Italian sausage patties were so Italian Sausage Burger Wraps:


These packaged Italian sausage patties cooked up nice & quick – no oil or anything on the grill… which gave those Needed “grill” marks. I do miss having a BBQ and every time I mention it my kids start talking about the Summer-of-BBQ when I literally BBQ’d for every meal for the entire summer (including scrambled eggs for brunch one Sunday – Hey… we had no power for two days!)


Yes, flour tortillas… they don’t bother me too much if I don’t have them often and corn just wouldn’t be the right taste/texture! A little sliced American cheese on top (think Burger!).. tomato & onion slices – then condiments of choice (ketchup, mayo, mustard, etc)


…topped with some salad greens (I put some radicchio on mine) – wrap and Eat! My Heart’s review was good so definitely something we’ll do again… next time with proper beef patties, I think! YUM!

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