Italian Cold Cut Salad

Cold Cut Salad

Craving a Cold Cut sub but trying to be healthy?  This had the flavors I was looking for!

Cold Cut Salad

I was struggling between doing this julienne or cubes – cubes obviously won and worked.  Chopped cucumber (from our garden), pickled mushrooms (store-made), chopped red onion, cubed of Ham steak (browned in a skillet with a little olive oil), cubed provolone cheese, cubed Gallo salame (a childhood favorite that I Always pick up when we are traveling out west), Italian marinated green olives and Kalamata olives (store-made), marinated artichoke hearts (store-made), halved grape tomatoes.  I had also meant to add roasted red peppers but I forgot.

Cold Cut Salad

Plated on top of romaine lettuce – topped with a simple bottled balsamic dressing and lots of freshly ground pepper.  I didn’t because of the whole gluten-free thing, but you could definitely serve this with French bread which would really give it the Italian Cold Cut Sub feel.

Notes for the future: Add shredded parmesan – make scratch Italian dressing, something with more garlic – Definitely remember the roasted red pepper

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