Irish Cod & Peas with Potato Topping


My Heart was going to be away for St. Patrick’s Day, which is why we celebrated at Sunday Roast but I decided to do some other recipes in honor. This looked interesting – like Shepherd’s Pie but a Seafood pie instead.


White potatoes boiled until mashable. Low sodium chicken broth.


Chunks of cod were poached in the chicken broth, drained and place in an oiled casserole dish.


Topped with defrosted frozen peas. Gluten-free flour was dissolved in a small amount of water and then mixed into the broth simmered until it thickened.


The thickened sauce was then poured over the fish and peas and some freshly ground pepper. The cooked white potatoes were mashed up with a little milk until smooth.


I had some fresh parsley from the parsley potatoes we did for Sunday Roast so that seemed to be a good addition to the potatoes before they were spread onto the fish mixture.


Baked in a 375-degree oven until golden brown, approximately 20-minutes. This was a very hearty dish, nice for a cold night. Almost all of the liquid cooked away though so my Heart suggested, the next time, adding a parsley sauce as a last touch. Sounds good so that’s the next addition. We had enough for two good dinner servings and two lunch servings. YUM!!

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