Ignite Baltimore #10 #IB10


Ignite Baltimore #10 – amazing talks – inspirational, intriguing, thought-provoking. This is always one of our favorite events.


Thanks go to all the GREAT sponsors!


How Cool – Brady Forrest, the Founder of the Ignite movement starting in 2000 in Seattle – there are now more than 300 Ignites around the world


Talking about the amazing experience of Burning Man


“Where the embryos come in: stem cells in Medicine – the super cool part? We also know Becky from Skiing where she teaches with my Heart


Becky also wanted to show that biology can be pretty!


Socialist Networks – Jason Hardebeck talked about nuclear fusion and how it relates to social networking – this is an amazing graphic of his social network


Melanie Blatt, a fitness professional with a degree in engineering – “Engineering your Metabolism”


Objects Without Commodity & Value Experiences – Tommy P. Doyle & Wiil Pierce are seniors at MICA who work collaboratively on interdisciplinary projects that focus on aspects of art production, experience, and participation.


Wally Pinkard talked about the “Highway to Hell: How highway subsidies destroy American Cities” – specifically talking about the move to the suburbs and what that meant to the cities


Emil Volcheck is the Coordinator of the Baltimore Coalition of Reason and Secretary of the Baltimore Ethical Society who shared information about “Building Humanist Communities in Baltimore”


David “Native Son” Ross is a writer who delivers modern poetry and talked to the group about Marriage – It was one of our favorites!


Dr. Evan J. Lipson is an oncologist at Johns Hopkins and the Founder of Seize the Days, a non-profit organization that celebrates the ways that cancer patients add life to their days – such amazing and inspirational stories


The “Local Material Challenge” – Inna Alesina, a designer, educator and MFA student, who used local materials gathered from local woods, etc. in her students projects. The 2nd picture is a way that cities could bring fresh vegetables from farms and markets outside the city INTO the city utilizing existing trains / subways


Saurabh Paliwal is a biotech entrepreneur, researcher, and artist talked about the possibilities from miniaturized technology


Anisha Jagap is the chef / owner of Baltimore Burger bar and Puffs & Pastries and she talked about making the perfect burger


The Best Part – she brought five people up on stage to have a burger


Ron Spencer shared information about “Five New Philosophers You Would Love to Know About”


Killian Doherty is an architect working and lecturing in Rwanda


He helped to build a Community Center in one area of Rwanda


Our other favorite was Victoria Vox, an award-winning performing songwriter – she was stunning and made the audience think about what is important in life and consumerism


Ignite is one of our favorite events – such an evening well-spent!

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