How to focus on what truly matters

We are all so focused on … what? work? Life? How do we balance everything? Family / kids / work / exercise / spouse or partner / health / diet / personal time / spirituality / etc / etc
Sometimes it takes a disaster or emergency to figure out what’s important to us. It might be nice to think about that without being hit by a lightening bolt. Now, I can’t say anything – I’ve been a poster perfect workaholic over the years but I am trying to make a commitment to really Look at what’s important to me and make that a higher priority. That means trying to leave work at a reasonable time… trying to get more exercise… trying to eat better. My Heart has been a huge help – he makes coming home something I really look forward to. So – perhaps this article will help you.

How To Focus on What Truly Matters – a guest post on from Sid Savara of Analysis Driven Personal Development…

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