How has Social Media Change the Food World?

An interesting article about the changes in how we communicate about food including restaurants, recipes, chefs, etc.  Some believe the changes have been for the worse.

But Christopher Kimball, of the Cooks Illustrated publishing and television empire, exhorts people to ???refuse to climb aboard this ship of fools, the one where everyone has an equal voice. Google ???broccoli casserole??? and make the first recipe you find. I guarantee it will be disappointing.???

I’m sorry but that seems a tad High Brow for me.  Why can’t we have an equal voice?  Why do chefs from On High have to hand down what we should know?  Who knows what amazing voices are out there that we might never have the chance to hear from?

See what some of the Twitterati and others have to say about this.  And… it gives some links to some great food people!   (smile)

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