Shrimp Ramen


First – low-fat / low-sodium chicken broth simmered on the stove with 4 or 5 slices of fresh ginger and about 1tsp of chopped garlic…. the broth simmered for about an hour or so to really infuse the ginger and garlic … and my Heart hadn’t gotten home from work yet so it all worked out! I wasn’t going to put in the garlic but my daughter reminded me that garlic in chicken broth is really the cure-all for everything and my Heart is still recovering from a bad cold…. so in went the garlic.

Once he was home, I brought the broth up to a bubble and added in 2 packages of ramen noodles (used Maruchan brand because it was in the store but any brand would work)… I did NOT use the flavor seasoning packets – threw them away. Once the noodles were just soft I added cooked shrimp (already peeled, etc.) and let them simmer until the noodles were cooked (which really takes about 2 minutes) then added a handful of baby spinach. This was in a large pan so I moved the noodles & shrimp to one side of the pan and put the spinach straight into the bubbling broth. I turned off the flame and let the spinach wilt slightly and served. Final touch – some chopped green onions and a dash of sriracha sauce on mine. The soup was hot, flavorful and very satisfying and hopefully has medicinal benefits! (smile)


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