Homemade Ramen 3 with Lamb & Spinach


This is what happens when the weather suddenly turns cold (it has been 90+ degrees most of this week and today it was barely 60-degrees and windy) and my Heart isn’t feeling himself and has a headache. Sounds like a night to stay in, catch up on TV and eat some comfort food.

Ingredients in order of usage: a few cups of water in a sauce pan with a bit of instant chicken broth (I liked the paste-type that you keep in the fridge.. the taste is better and it frequently has less sodium than bouillon cubes) and about a 1/2c or so of shoyu (aka soy sauce, the low sodium type) – brought that to a boil and added a heaping tablespoon of miso – next some slices of leftover lamb (we’re almost finished with the lamb from Easter dinner) – brought it back to a bubble and added in the ramen noodles (again, just a couple packages of the cheapest ramen available at the grocery story – I throw away the seasoning packet and just use the noodles.) I turned down the temperature on the noodle mixture and let it cook while I heated some water and a splash of shoyu in another pan and brought that to a boil – reduced the temperature a bit and slid four eggs into the water, one at a time. I let these Bubble while I served up the soup.


In the bottom of the bowl I put a handful of raw baby spinach leaves – then the cooked ramen noodles – then the lamb and broth – finally topping the bowl with the poached eggs. A little siracha sauce for some heat and we were ready to eat.

This whole process probably took 10-15 minutes to do, from start to finish. I would probably poach the eggs a little bit softer next time, I normally cook them right In the soup but that is harder to do when splitting the soup between two people. On the whole, a very satisfying and comforting dinner.


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