Homemade Pizza Night #1

I LOVE my Heart’s Pizzas… Creative and always Delicious! I’ve had the biggest craving for pizza and, after tonight… Pizza Night is definitely going to make regular appearances! So… Pizza Night #1:


Pizza 1: This was my favorite but that is probably because I had a craving for a very traditional pizza and this was very traditional… well, sorta. The base for all of the pizzas is a very large pita bread which means it can be opened up – my Heart put inside this one: shredded cheese and some baby spinach – on top, canned pizza sauce, cheese, peppered salami, and More Cheese!


Pizza 2: Inside: shredded cheese – on top: pizza sauce, baby spinach, sliced almonds, shredded parmesan, & marinated artichoke hearts


Pizza 3: Inside: shredded cheese & some of the pizza sauce but this didn’t work because it made it a little soggy… we ended up putting another pita underneath so it just made a thicker crust… which worked for this very very meaty pizza – on top: shredded cheese, thinly sliced mushrooms, shredded chicken breast (leftover from Sunday Roast), chopped bacon, and more cheese

ALL of these pizzas were Amazing – I can’t wait to see how they are for lunch tomorrow too! Yum!

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