“Here’s What We’ve Got” Frittata

I really love Frittatas because you can basically put Anything in them and call it a meal.. a great way to clean leftovers out of the fridge!
I realized that I have been posting what we cook for almost three years now but have never really shown Where we cook – if we are cooking at home – THIS is our kitchen.. ALL of it!  And, often, Both of us are in there doing stuff… good think we like each other!!  *smile*
Now back to the frittata – first six eggs well beaten with a splash of milk and a hearty sprinkling of Herbs de Province – one of my “go to” seasonings
Into a large skillet that has a bit of olive oil “wiped” around the pan to make sure nothing sticks.  I would have used a slightly smaller skillet, since it was just the two of us, but it was this one or a small one so.. there you go.  The temperature of the stove is medium – not Too hot
Next: the leftovers – I zapped them in the microwave so they would be warm (not hot) but not Cold – first cooked summer squash from the Pork Tenderloin w/ Jamaican Jerk Rub dinner and then the Parmesan rice and broccoli from the Grilled Salmon Fillet with Blood Orange dinner and a sprinkling of chopped cooked bacon, which we keep a bag of in the freezer for dishes like this
Cover with shredded Mexican cheese blend and let cook
Check the bottom to make sure it isn’t browning too quickly and reduce the temperature if necessary – if your pan is smaller and/or your frittata is thicker, this takes a little longer.  Just make sure to watch the edges of the frittata and make sure to check the bottom, carefully, periodically.  You want the eggs to be set, the cheese melted, but you don’t want the bottom burnt.  You can, if your skillet has a metal handle, put it in the oven to finish cooking also… Just long enough to set the eggs and melt the cheese.
If you are not moving the frittata to the oven (I didn’t) then cover so that the cheese gets all melty
Served up with a drizzle of ketchup and sriracha, if you want – YUM!

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