HealthCamp – what is it and why should I become a part?

So I Tweet / Blog / Status update about HealthCamp pretty frequently (read: A Lot). Those close to me know what HealthCamp is – they don’t have a choice since I can babble a bit about it. But I do get questions frequently. Here is a video to give you some background. This video was from HealthCampSFBay and includes closed-captioning…. I’ll be posting another blog with a different video also but this is a start.
The question is – do you want to change health care for yourself and the future? You may not think that you can do anything to advocate change but it is amazing what passionate, caring people can do when you bring many different voices (from the health care industry, from insurers, from technology, And aren’t we ALL patients) to the table to talk and plan and conspire! (smile)

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