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Health 2.0 STAT - Food, Fun, Whatever !!

I always love coming to Health 2.0 STAT. People so much smarter than me with so much cool stuff out there. DC Health 2.0 STAT happens about every two months with lightening talks (5-minutes) and then panel q & a.

Health 2.0 STAT - Food, Fun, Whatever !!Data Into Action – Juan Pablo Segura

  • 1EQ
  • Mobile Digital Healthcare
  • The growth of connected devices
  • Improve access, costs, and …
  • Consumers want ACTION
  • Finding focus: Pre-natal care.
  • The Box includes a wireless scale and BP cuff
  • Fits Life-flow and workflow
  • Piloting at George Washington Hospital (100+ low risk pregnancies)

Health 2.0 STAT - Food, Fun, Whatever !!Fast. Easy. Free. Objective – Brendan McAdams

  • Expertscape: find the world’ stop experts for any medical problem
  • A couple clicks and you can find the experts in that topc (disease) geographically
  • Different? Objective, highly specific, current, and global
  • What it isn’t? Not for routine medicine – based on knowledge (not on outcome or bedside manner) – bias toward cities – unpublished = UnknownHealth 2.0 STAT - Food, Fun, Whatever !!
  • Revenue model? Advertising / sponsorship and partnership model
  • Can be difficult together into those Experts. Hoping to have the experts “claim” their page and they can say I DO or Donnot see patients but then allow them to make recommendations.

Health 2.0 STAT - Food, Fun, Whatever !!Genomic Medicine Opportunities – Wendy Rubinstein, NIH Genetic Testing Registry (GTR)

  • Barriers identified by physicians and concern over cost of genetic tests to patients
  • Costs falling, insurance coverage increasing…
  • GTR -ClinVar – MedGen
  • GTR launched two years ago and growing swiftly
  • Integrator of test informationHealth 2.0 STAT - Food, Fun, Whatever !!
  • Widespread adoption of handheld devices by healthcare providers is growing
  • Most genetic tests do not go through FDA approval
  • Data voluntarily submitted by the labs doing tests.
  • Is it valid information? Labs agree to a code of conduct and a method for vetting the information.

Health 2.0 STAT - Food, Fun, Whatever !!Army Fit – Daniel Johnston

  • ArmyFIT and UltimateMe
  • Total Health = Physical + Mental (total assessment)
  • Web-based assessment
  • Leverage social engagement
  • Also able to analyze the data
  • 2k soldiers per day – launched in January 2014
  • Connect them with Experts that interest them
  • Also share trends within the unit for the higher ups
  • Not planning on using the data related to promotions
  • 3 versions: soldiers, families of soldiers, and Army civilian employees
  • Hoping to include other services and possibly the VA
  • Working on GEO targeting to help them find opportunities close by, i.e. There is going to be a 5k in two weeks, here is how to register
  • Program is run out or personnel… NOT medical
  • Looking at adding activity monitoring

Panel Question TimeHealth 2.0 STAT - Food, Fun, Whatever !!

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