Comfort Food: Hash


The definition of Hash: (n) – 1.) A dish of chopped meat, potatoes, and sometimes vegetables, usually browned. 2.) A jumble; a hodepodge.

Hash is a great way to use leftovers and makes a lovely warm comfort meal.


I had a couple medium red potatoes that needed cooking so that’s where this idea came from. Some whole mushrooms also needed to be used. Chopped red pepper, green pepper, and sweet onion were added. Just a touch of olive oil in the pan and the veggies were cooked until browned. A bit of cooked, chopped bacon was added along with a sprinkling of Herbs de Province and some freshly ground pepper. Once I knew that the potatoes were cooked through I turned off the heat to wait until my Heart was home from skiing. I knew it would be easy to warm up and then I would just have to cook the eggs. Another good thing about this hash – it waits just fine.


It cooked down a bit and had lovely little crispy bits, especially the bacon. *note: I will chop and cook a whole pound of bacon, if it is on sale, and put it in the freezer so that we can use a touch of bacon whenever we want: quesadillas, omelets, salads, pasta, etc.


I prefer fried eggs on hash but scrambled eggs work great. My dad always served hash with poached eggs.

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