Comfort Food: Hash 2


I know – I made hash LAST Friday but I had leftovers in the fridge that needed to be used and this one would be different. So…


I stopped and picked up a couple red potatoes (I bought 3 but only used 2) and some fresh mushrooms. From the fridge: three slices of the roast beef from Sunday Roast and a little container of roasted veggies (potatoes, parsnips, onions), a bit of red pepper, green pepper, and 1/2 a sweet onion.


I did the raw potatoes first, because they actually needed to cook. Then I added in the chopped onion. I put in about a 1/2c of boiling water to help the cooking process


Once the potatoes were getting getting brown and the onions translucent, I added the remaining ingredients, adding the chopped mushrooms last. The only seasoning was a sprinkling of Herbs de Province and some freshly ground pepper. It obviously made a huge pan full.


Then I just let the Hash brown and cook down. Once again, I served it with a couple fried eggs on top. It really is a great use for leftovers and is relatively filling. The bits of roast beef really changes the taste so I feel like it was different from last week. I had enough leftover for another meal – perhaps breakfast on Sunday.

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