Grilled tofu with Pad Thai-style rice noodles


Yeah… I Know – what the heck are “Pad Thai-Style” rice noodles.  I took a pad thai recipe (which looks delicious and super simple, by the way) and basically followed the sauce but not the ingredients (for miscellaneous reasons including I didn’t have most things on hand).


My plan for dinner was Tilapia but it’s the end of the month and we are being frugal so when I commented that there was tofu in the fridge that needed to be eaten he said, “How about grilling that instead of fish?”  Sounded like a plan.  The sauce is the same Bulgogi sauce I used for flank steak (I really like this sauce… it’s easy to have on hand in the fridge – it goes on a lot of things and is super simple).  I let the tofu marinade for about 20 minutes – next time I will definitely let it marinade longer.  Then onto a hot stove top grill right as the rice noodles were done for about 5 minutes on each side.

I didn’t take pictures of the rice noodles process – this was a first time experiment and it moved pretty quickly so there really wasn’t time.  I sauteed julienne green onions and green peppers in a bit of olive oil and lots of garlic then added in the softened noodles (the recipe says not to over soak them so about 10 minutes or so in lukewarm water until they were flexible and a bit soft but not squishy … which I think it a technical term!).  Next came the sauce which was a mixture of sugar, white vinegar (I didn’t have tamarind but the recipe said that white vinegar was an adequate substitute), fish sauce, a dash of sriracha sauce and a touch more water to soften the noodles a bit more.  They absorb the liquid almost instantly and get very tangled… it’s kinda fun!  I will definitely try to make the actual recipe next time and cilantro would have been a wonderful addition.
A splash of lime was a nice touch.





And what else could you have with this on a Monday but Prosecco?? *smile*

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