Grad Week 2011

I have a Ton of pictures to post from Grad Week activities but I also wanted to do a brief blog about it. What a great week – the Senior Class Council should be so proud of themselves for planning a week of activities & events that the seniors definitely wanted to be a part of. More than 140 graduating seniors signed up including both residents and commuters. It took time to plan and organize everything – thanks to the Senior Class Council for all their hard work. The Senior Council also organized and hosted the Shopping Extravaganza to help fund raise for this week of activities so that no senior has to pay more than $35 for ANY single trip/event.

The Week started with the Senior Celebration immediately following the commencement rehearsal on Friday

Stevenson University 1525 Greenspring Valley Road, Stevenson MD 21153-0641 1-877-468-6852


First Commencement rehearsal then cake & an ice cream bar to start the Grad Week celebration


Lots & Lots of Sugar – seniors were definitely READY to celebrate!

Next – Saturday we got up and to the University at 6:30 am to organize 57 seniors for a trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. We took a coach bus and actually had a car of four students following us – we didn’t have enough seats on the bus but the price was good enough that they decided to drive! It is about a 3.5 hr drive.


Everyone was ready to hit the park – one of the reasons I love Busch Gardens is because it is so beautiful


Senior Class President Brian Brooks and his main Squeeze Devin Kirschner hung out with us for a while. This roller coaster was super cool – worth the wait.


Such a pretty park – took time for libations with my Heart

We took a break on Sunday because of Mother’s Day, figuring most of the seniors would be spending the day with their families.

Monday we were up again at 6:30 a.m. heading on an almost full coach bus to NYC for the day


…watching the sun come up as we wait for the bus… Early morning! Time Square waiting for my friend, Greg (my BFF from high school who is a total New Yorker now!) – they were filming a episode of Law & Order while we were there.


Enjoyed the sunshine as we took a break from our Walk around Central Park (story to come) to have some dessert (cannoli). Adorable little fuzzy goslings!


OK – the Walking story – so someone we (Greg & I) went to high school with posted a picture of Facebook Standing on a Rock in Central Park “claiming” it for the Skyline Titans so… I decided that we should Find THAT rock and do a similar picture. Now… it was a great picture but really not a lot of distinguishing marks on the rock, no GEO Tag, Nope… Nothing. We walked around Central Park for 3 1/2 hrs and Never found that specific rock (my Heart & Greg are VERY patient men though!!). SO – we decided to use a more Distinct ROCK (and we did GeoTag it and also, there is a Merry-go-Round behind it!) – We Claim This Rock for the Skyline Titans! And the reward for everyone – Chirashi at a very nice little Japanese restaurant. Tuesday was the Laser Tag trip. I was so lucky, my wonderful co-worker Hope Miller Miles, volunteered to do the trip for me and went to Westminster with three SU Shuttle bus loads of students for a couple of hours of laser tag, video games, and miniature golf. The reason I didn’t go on the trip is because Baccalaureate is always the Tuesday prior to Commencement. This is another major event that the Senior Class Counsel & I have worked on, basically, since January. It is a interdenominational religious ceremony that celebrates the graduates. The SU student awards are also announced at this event. It is one of my favorite ceremonies – I’ve attended every Baccalaureate since I’ve been at the University, even before I started helping planning it. This year’s ceremony is one of the best ever!


Dean Lack acts as “MC” until the Celebrant, this year Amanda Hostalka, takes over. The reflections were from student Rachael Atherholt and faculty member Joe Matanoski. Seniors Brian Brooks (Class President), Ashley Adle (Class VP), Kirsten Hviding (Class Secretary), and Craig Johnston did several readings.


So proud of Brian for getting the Orsia Young Leadership awards for his division. The theme for this year’s class: “The Future Belongs to those who Dream”

Wednesday evening it was time to head to Camden Yards for the Orioles vs. the Mariners!


Not bad seats – in the Patio area which included All You Choose to Eat hot dogs, salads, nachos, popcorn, peanuts, ice cream & soft drinks – all those great baseball stadium foods. The seniors loved seeing the Class up on the Big Board. AND… the Orioles WON!!

Thursday evening was the final Grad Week event – Alumni Happy Hour & Casino Night. A joint project with the alumni office, who normally hosts a Happy Hour, but this year we decided to Kick it Up and include a Casino Night with some great prizes


The Senior Class Council members who rocked the Grad Week plans! One of the really great prizes: iPod Nano “watch” – also engraved with “SU Class of 2011”


The CASH was a huge hit – there were four envelopes… each one contained a Master Card for either $50 or $100. My daughter also did Tarot Card reading.


Pizza, wings, fried macaroni & cheese, chips with salsa & guacamole, and cookies for refreshments while attendees played blackjack, Texas Hold’em, and roulette. The night was a great ending for Grad Week and send off to the graduates!

Friday was Commencement (two ceremonies: 10am and 3pm)


A surprise for many of the graduates, they process between applauding faculty members as they head down to the ceremony in the gym. It is a great farewell. These four students Marshall the graduates into their seats – Good Job!

And Saturday…. SLEEP – It was a wonderful but truly exhausting week!

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