Fish Monday: Tilapia Tikka Masala

This is probably not technically “Tikka” Masala because the seasoning says Tandoori but the spices in the packet matched the “recipe” so … what the heck. Besides, the original recipe also called for chicken!


The packet has a great combination of spices, which I mixed with plain yogurt…


…then coated the tilapia with the mixture and returned it to fridge to marinade until my Heart got home.


The sauce: chopped garlic and jalapeno, sauteed for just a minute and then approximately 2 Tbsp of the same mix that was used for the marinade, 8 oz tomato sauce and 1 cup of heavy cream. This simmered and thickened while I stove-top grilled the tilapia.


Served with white rice, wilted spinach, the fish was stopped with fresh cilantro. This dish turned out wonderfully and my Heart said that it is definitely one to do again. YUM!

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