Exploring Nashville: Monell’s


I saw this review, Family-Style Meals at Monell’s in Nashville, from Erin Zimmer at Serious Eats and had to smile.  When we traveled to Nashville TN last May, our first meeting was with a company based in Nashville.  Since it was our first visit we said “Where should we go to really get a taste of Nashville?”  They gave us a few places but the number One for Everyone was Monell’s and boy were they right.  We had a great time, the food was wonderful, and we left Stuffed!



The restaurant is in a lovely building in a pretty little neighborhood.  There is a garden as you go to the entrance.






and as you pass by there are lovely stained glass pieces hanging in the windows.




Beyond the windows you see the big family-sized tables.  At our table we had, at one end, two elderly couples who were very nice and chatty and at the other end a family of four, mom & dad and either daughter or son and their spouse, they were friendly but not nearly as chatty.  The elderly couples loved it when they realized my Heart is British so they kept saying things like “Has he tried this?”  “Make sure he gets some of those beans.”  It was great fun.   We had such luck when asking earlier in the day where to go, we decided we had to try it again and asked everyone at the table where we should go next.  There were a couple recommendations for BBQ places – which we tried the next day and also a breakfast place outside of town that ended up being our last meal before heading for home.




Our meal was fantastic, good country cookin’ and the company at the table was fun.  Definitely proved that asking the locals is the way to find the Best places to eat.  We will Always make Monell’s a stop if we are ever back in Nashville.



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