Eggs Benedict Florentine


Another quick dinner because I have a 7pm everything Thursday and my Heart is coming back from an event in DC. Bought a package of English muffins so … eggs benedict seems appropriate and decided to make it marginally healthier by adding spinach: Eggs Benedict Florentine


I LOVE these little egg pods – they are easy to use and very easy to wash BUT.. because I don’t use them that often I Always forget – Put The Pod in a little glass bowl to “hold” it when you drop the egg in it because I ALWAYS lose the first egg into the sink. Just a little olive oil on a paper towel wiped around the pod is enough to “grease” it


Bring about 1 1/2″ of water to a full boil and then drop to a steady simmer and lower the pods onto the water and cover – cook for 4-6 minutes depending on how hard you want the eggs


Toasted English muffins topped with wilted fresh spinach. I think I found a way to squeeze the water out of the spinach that works – fresh spinach in a colander, poured over a full kettle of boiling water. Let the water drain out and then took the wet spinach and put it in a small towel and twisted the towel… it is fairly easy to twist the towel and definitely worked better than trying to wring out the spinach by hand


Topped with some Hollandaise sauce – and I totally cheated for the Hollandaise and used a package. I know I should make it from scratch but I am on a time frame here and don’t have time to finesse the sauce or have it not turn out


The poached eggs


And finished with more Hollandaise and some freshly ground pepper. The eggs were perfect, the whites cooked and the yolks lovely and runny … I would have taken a picture but we were starving.. YUM!!

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