Easy One-Pot Chicken Casserole


Got this one from my favorite cooking magazine: BBC Good Food – Easy One-Pot Chicken Casserole  ???and I actually sort of followed this recipe!


Browned skinless, boneless thighs in a drizzle of olive oil


Saut??ed the white part of the green onions – added in 1Tbsp gluten-free flour until smooth


1 can fat-free / low sodium chicken broth – carrot sticks and new golden potatoes – simmered covered for 20 minutes – added in frozen peas and the green part of the green onions then simmered uncovered for an additional 5 minutes – finally a hearty dash of dried tarragon, fresh ground black pepper and a heaping tsp of grainy mustard stirred in


Plated: Turned out lovely – next time, make Thicker??? thinking either add more flour or perhaps use dried potato flakes

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